60% of Civil Services Examination top-20 are women, 25% from UP


The recently concluded Civil Services Examination 2022 has witnessed a remarkable trend, with a significant representation of women and candidates from Uttar Pradesh (UP) among the top scorers. A comprehensive analysis of the top 20 all-India toppers reveals that 60% of them are women, highlighting the increasing participation and achievements of women in the esteemed examination. Moreover, a substantial 25% of the top performers belong to UP, showcasing the state’s burgeoning talent pool. This article delves into the remarkable achievements of women and candidates from UP, shedding light on their success stories and the factors that contribute to their stellar performance.

Women Empowerment Takes Center Stage: The Civil Services Examination 2022 witnessed a paradigm shift, as women claimed a significant majority among the top 20 scorers. With 60% of the all-India toppers being women, this achievement showcases the growing empowerment and determination of women to excel in diverse fields. Breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, these women have emerged as role models, inspiring countless others to pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to society.

UP’s Resounding Success: In a noteworthy development, candidates hailing from Uttar Pradesh have displayed their mettle in the Civil Services Examination 2022. An impressive 25% of the top 20 scorers belong to the state, highlighting UP’s commendable contribution to the administrative landscape. This achievement underscores the state’s robust education system, competent coaching facilities, and the aspirants’ tenacity to excel in one of the most rigorous examinations in the country. It is a testament to the transformative impact of quality education and the determination of candidates from UP.

Engineering and Humanities Stream Dominate: While gender representation and regional diversity took center stage, the academic backgrounds of the toppers also revealed interesting insights. Approximately 45% of the top scorers hailed from engineering backgrounds, reflecting the technical prowess and analytical skills honed during their education. Simultaneously, 40% of the toppers emerged from the humanities stream, demonstrating the importance of holistic knowledge and a well-rounded understanding of social, cultural, and administrative aspects. This diverse mix of backgrounds underscores the inclusive nature of the Civil Services Examination and its emphasis on multidisciplinary expertise.

Driving Factors of Success: Several factors contribute to the success of women and candidates from UP in the Civil Services Examination. Accessible and quality education, coupled with the rise of dedicated coaching centers and mentorship programs, has played a pivotal role in nurturing talent and providing comprehensive guidance. Additionally, the relentless determination, resilience, and perseverance demonstrated by these aspirants have propelled them towards their goals. The support and encouragement from family, society, and mentors have also been crucial in fostering an environment conducive to success.

The Civil Services Examination 2022 has set a remarkable precedent by recognizing the outstanding achievements of women and candidates from UP. With 60% of the top 20 scorers being women and a notable 25% hailing from UP, this achievement speaks volumes about the inclusive and empowering nature of the examination. It also serves as an inspiration for aspirants across the country, encouraging them to strive for excellence and break through barriers. As the nation celebrates these remarkable accomplishments, it is crucial to recognize the collective efforts that enable the rise of women and candidates from UP in the challenging landscape of civil services.


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