Eknath Shinde Planned To Shoot Self If Rebellion Failed, Says Maharashtra Minister Deepak Kesarkar

Eknath Shinde planned to shoot self if rebellion failed

In a surprising disclosure, Maharashtra’s School Education Minister, Deepak Kesarkar, shed light on the emotional turmoil experienced by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde during a rebellion that took place a year ago. According to Kesarkar, Shinde had expressed a strong resolve to take drastic measures if his rebellion failed to yield the desired results.

Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Minister Kesarkar narrated an incident from the past, unveiling a lesser-known side of Eknath Shinde’s character. He stated, “CM Shinde was under immense pressure during the rebellion. There was a moment when he confided in me, expressing his belief that if the rebellion failed, he would consider shooting himself.”

The revelation startled many attendees and brought to the forefront the intense emotions experienced by Shinde during the challenging period. While Kesarkar did not provide further details about the rebellion itself, it is evident that the Chief Minister’s dedication and commitment to his cause were significant.

As the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Eknath Shinde has been widely recognized for his leadership and astute decision-making. However, this revelation serves as a reminder of the immense pressure that individuals in positions of power can face, highlighting the toll it can take on their mental well-being.

The disclosure by Minister Kesarkar emphasizes the need for support systems and resources to help leaders navigate the challenges they encounter. Mental health and emotional well-being have gained significant attention in recent years, and this revelation further underscores the importance of providing a conducive environment for leaders to thrive.

It is crucial to note that the validity and credibility of Minister Kesarkar’s statement are subject to verification. As with any claim, it is essential to seek additional information and corroborate the details from reliable sources.

While the exact circumstances surrounding the rebellion and its outcome remain undisclosed, Minister Kesarkar’s revelation sheds light on the vulnerabilities and pressures faced by those in positions of power. The incident serves as a reminder that leadership positions often come with immense responsibilities, necessitating a comprehensive support system to ensure the well-being of leaders.

As the news reverberates through Maharashtra’s political landscape, it prompts a broader discussion on the mental health challenges faced by politicians and the importance of fostering an environment that promotes their overall well-being.


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