Elixr Labs Marks Three Years of Innovation and Growth, Sets Sights on Continued Expansion


Trivandrum, Kerala, India – July 8, 2024 – Elixr Labs, a leading provider of IT solutions in healthcare, celebrates its third anniversary today, under the perceptive leadership of Mr. Binu Bhasuran CEO and Founder of Elixr Labs.

Leveraging advanced technologies, Mr. Bhasuran’s leadership has been significant in guiding Elixr Labs towards developing secure and scalable solutions, laying the groundwork for significant growth.

His strategic guidance has entitled their skilled team to help businesses achieve their goals, leading global healthcare transformation through partnerships with tech leaders. They focus on strict compliance, strong security, and agile progress, seamlessly integrating life-saving technologies into global healthcare.

Founded in 2021, Elixr Labs established its first offshore development center in Trivandrum, India, with a dedicated team of 50 talented professionals. The company quickly expanded its talent pool, boasting over 10 specialized skill sets within a year.

This diverse team played a crucial role in guiding the development of over 10 unique solutions, solidifying Elixr Labs’ commitment to the society.

Recognizing the transformative budding stage of cloud technology, Elixr Labs transitioned to a 100% cloud-based infrastructure in 2022. This strategic move positions the company at the forefront of digital transformation, ensuring the scalability, security, and prominent nature of its solutions.

2023 witnessed extraordinary growth for Elixr Labs. The team expanded to over 100 members, reflecting true diversity with representation from 11 Indian states.

This year also saw the establishment of new branches in Hyderabad and Chennai, and Kochi in addition to the existing ones in Trivandrum and Dubai, marking the company’s strong presence across multiple locations.

Elixr Labs’ success can be attributed to its core values of speed, structure, and assertiveness. This approach has enabled the company to explore new product and domain areas, consolidating its leadership position in the healthcare, mobility, and big data analytics sectors.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in just three years,” says Mr. Binu Bhasuran, CEO of Elixr Labs. “Our commitment to innovation, agility, and building a talented team has been significant in our growth. As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional solutions to our clients around the world.”

Elixr Labs leverages its advanced technologies to primarily serve society, particularly by making a positive impact in the healthcare sector. Mr. Bhasuran plays a key role in ensuring their clients can deliver high-quality care.

Mr. Binu Bhasuran’s leadership at Elixr Labs has been nothing short of transformative. Under his guidance, the company has set new benchmarks in innovation and service within the healthcare IT sector. His strategic foresight and commitment have enabled Elixr Labs to rapid expansion while maintaining a strong focus on quality and societal impact. As Elixr Labs celebrates its third anniversary, Mr. Bhasuran’s leadership continues to be a driving force behind the company’s mission to deliver progressive solutions that positively impact global healthcare.

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