Fardeen Khan Breaks Silence on Zeenat Aman’s Startling Revelation


In a recent social media revelation, veteran actress Zeenat Aman shared an intriguing anecdote about her experience on the set of the iconic 1980 film, ‘Qurbani,’ directed by the late Feroz Khan. The actress recalled a peculiar incident involving a deduction from her salary, and now, Feroz Khan’s son, Fardeen Khan, has stepped forward with his response to these claims.

The Qurbani Connection: A Glimpse into Zeenat Aman’s Recollection

Taking to Instagram, Zeenat Aman posted a nostalgic picture alongside Feroz Khan, acknowledging his undeniable charisma. However, she delved into the 70s era, recounting a rocky start with Feroz Khan. According to Aman, when offered a secondary role initially, she politely declined, leading Feroz Khan to express his frustration with a colorful stream of expletives.

Zeenat Aman ,Fardeen Khan

Months later, the tables turned as Feroz Khan extended an offer for the lead role in ‘Qurbani.’ Aman accepted, highlighting Feroz’s influential role in shaping her understanding of set etiquette. A youthful misstep, where she arrived late on set after a night of revelry, became the focal point of the narrative.

The Payback: Feroz Khan’s Unconventional Salary Deduction

Zeenat Aman vividly recalled the consequences of her tardiness, stating, “Feroz was glowering behind his camera, and before I could offer him my meager excuse, he cut me down to size. ‘Begum, you’re late and you’re going to pay for the delay.’ No argument, no scolding, but you can be sure that he docked my pay to pay the crew for that one-hour delay!”

Fardeen Khan’s Quirky Response to Zeenat’s Claims

Adding a contemporary touch to the saga, Fardeen Khan, Feroz Khan’s son, took to his Instagram Stories to humorously respond to Zeenat Aman’s revelation. He assured her that even the family did not escape the peculiarities, receiving a standard family discount of 25%. Fardeen fondly suggested that his late father would have found Aman’s post amusing, ending his response with folded hands emojis.

Qurbani Legacy: A Cinematic Triumph Beyond Set Anecdotes

Released in 1980, ‘Qurbani’ remains an enduring cinematic legacy. Directed by Feroz Khan, the film explored themes of friendship, betrayal, and revenge, featuring stellar performances from Vinod Khanna, Zeenat Aman, and Amjad Khan. Fardeen Khan, reminiscing about the family connection, expressed that Feroz Khan would have appreciated Aman’s post, emphasizing the enduring camaraderie between the actors.

In a playful exchange on social media, Zeenat Aman acknowledged Fardeen’s response with a simple purple heart emoji, leaving fans intrigued by the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the Bollywood classic.


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