Fire erupts after gas leakage in khar chawl, 2 kids among six suffer burns


In a distressing incident this Monday morning, a fire erupted in a ground-plus-one tenement chawl located on Govind Patil Road in Khar (West). The blaze, caused by a gas leakage from a ruptured tube of an LPG cylinder, resulted in six individuals sustaining burn injuries, including two young children.

The incident unfolded when a gas leak was detected from the faulty tube connected to the LPG cylinder. The highly flammable gas quickly engulfed the vicinity, leading to the outbreak of the fire. Panicked residents raised the alarm, and emergency services were promptly notified.

In the midst of the chaos, the primary concern was ensuring the safety of everyone involved. Immediate evacuation measures were undertaken to evacuate residents from the affected chawl. Local authorities and fire department personnel arrived swiftly at the scene to combat the growing flames and provide medical assistance to the injured.

The victims, two children and four others, suffered varying degrees of burns and were immediately rushed to nearby hospitals for urgent medical attention. Burn injuries can be severe and require specialized care, emphasizing the importance of swift medical intervention.

Authorities are now focused on investigating the root cause of the gas leakage incident. Preliminary findings suggest a ruptured tube connected to the LPG cylinder as the source of the leak. Determining the exact circumstances surrounding the rupture will aid in preventing similar accidents in the future and ensuring the safety of residents in the area.

Local community leaders and organizations have rallied together to provide support and assistance to the affected families. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to gas safety guidelines and conducting regular maintenance checks to prevent such hazardous incidents.

Gas leakages pose a significant threat to residential areas, and it is crucial for households to remain vigilant in maintaining their gas systems. Regular inspections, prompt repairs, and heightened awareness can go a long way in preventing potential disasters.


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