Ganjam District Wins National Water Award for Water Body Conservation


Ganjam District in Berhampur has emerged as the winner of the prestigious 4th National Water Award-2022 for its remarkable efforts in water body conservation. The announcement was made by Pankal Kumar, the Secretary of Jal Shakti, who informed the district’s collector, Dibya Jyoti Parida, about this well-deserved recognition.

The journey towards winning this award began when a team of scientists from the Central government visited Ganjam District in February. Their objective was to assess the condition of various water bodies, including rural tanks, minor irrigation projects, and other water reservoirs, as well as to evaluate the recharge of groundwater. Additionally, the functioning of pani panchayats, which are rural bodies formed for water management, was thoroughly examined.

The administration in Ganjam District left no stone unturned in their efforts to conserve water bodies. One notable initiative undertaken by the district was the implementation of extensive avenue and bund plantations in urban areas. These plantations played a crucial role in treating water and ensuring its quality. The executive officer of Ganjam Zilla Parishad, Keerthi Vassan V, highlighted the significant impact of these plantations in enhancing water management.

This recognition serves as a testament to the district’s commitment and dedication to water conservation. Ganjam District has set an exemplary standard for other regions in the country to follow. The award not only acknowledges their achievements but also motivates other districts to prioritize the preservation of water bodies and adopt similar sustainable practices.

The forthcoming awards ceremony, where Ganjam District will be officially honored, will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to the entire community. It will provide an opportunity to share the successful strategies employed by the district and encourage knowledge sharing among different regions.

Water scarcity and the depletion of water bodies have become critical issues in many parts of the country. Ganjam District’s achievement demonstrates that with proper planning, execution, and community involvement, it is possible to overcome these challenges. The recognition also highlights the importance of government support and initiatives in driving effective water management practices.

As the date for the awards ceremony is yet to be announced, the district eagerly awaits the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable achievement. Ganjam District’s efforts in water body conservation stand as a shining example and a beacon of hope for a sustainable and water-secure future for India.


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