Gratified that Speaker McCarthy invited PM Modi to address joint session of Congress: Ro Khanna


In a significant development, Indian American Congressman Ro Khanna expressed his appreciation for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to extend an invitation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address a joint session of the United States Congress. The address is slated to take place during the Prime Minister’s upcoming Official State visit later this month.

The announcement has garnered attention and praise, as it signifies the growing importance of the bilateral relationship between India and the United States. Congressman Khanna, known for his advocacy on issues related to India and the Indian American community, welcomed this gesture as a positive step towards strengthening ties between the two nations.

Speaking about the invitation, Congressman Khanna emphasized the significance of Prime Minister Modi’s address to a joint session of Congress. He highlighted the opportunity for both countries to engage in meaningful dialogue on a range of critical issues, such as economic cooperation, security, and climate change.

Congressman Khanna also expressed his hope that the address would contribute to further fostering the strategic partnership between India and the United States. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between the two nations to tackle shared challenges and seize opportunities for mutual progress.

The invitation extended by Speaker McCarthy is a testament to the growing recognition of India’s role on the global stage, as well as the influential role the Indian American community plays in the United States. It demonstrates the commitment to enhancing bilateral relations and underscores the deepening ties between the two nations.

During his Official State visit, Prime Minister Modi is expected to engage in high-level discussions with U.S. leaders, exploring avenues for increased cooperation on various fronts. The joint session of Congress will provide a platform for Prime Minister Modi to address the U.S. legislative body, presenting his vision for the future of the India-U.S. partnership.

The invitation has generated anticipation among policymakers, scholars, and the Indian American community, who view it as an opportunity to deepen mutual understanding and collaboration. It is hoped that the address will foster dialogue and cooperation between the two nations on key issues of regional and global significance.

As the date of Prime Minister Modi’s visit draws closer, the focus is shifting towards the potential outcomes and deliverables that can be achieved during this important diplomatic engagement. The joint session of Congress, along with other scheduled meetings, is expected to contribute to a strengthened foundation for India-U.S. relations and pave the way for enhanced cooperation in various fields.

Congressman Ro Khanna’s appreciation for Speaker McCarthy’s invitation reflects the shared commitment to strengthen the partnership between India and the United States. The forthcoming joint session of Congress presents an opportunity for Prime Minister Modi to address the U.S. legislative body and further deepen the bilateral ties between the two nations. The event holds significant promise for fostering dialogue, collaboration, and progress on key global challenges.


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