Green Tribunal Gives BMC 2 Weeks To Clear Debris From Mithi In Aarey


In a recent landmark decision, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued a strict ultimatum to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), giving them a mere two-week window to remove the mounting debris that has been clogging the Mithi River in the Aarey colony. The move comes as a crucial step towards restoring the ecological balance and preserving the delicate ecosystem of the region.

The Mithi River, once a lifeline for the residents of Mumbai, has been suffering from negligence and indiscriminate dumping of construction waste and debris, causing its water flow to be severely obstructed. The situation has not only exacerbated the risk of flooding during monsoons but also posed a significant threat to the diverse flora and fauna that call the river’s banks home.

During the hearing, the NGT expressed deep concern over the inaction and lackadaisical approach displayed by BMC in addressing the issue. The tribunal emphasized that immediate action is imperative to prevent irreversible damage to the river and the surrounding environment.

Environmental activists and concerned citizens have been raising alarms about the deteriorating condition of the Mithi River for years, advocating for swift measures to be taken to revive its once-pristine state. The NGT’s intervention has been widely welcomed as a ray of hope for the restoration of this vital water body, which holds immense ecological significance for the entire region.

The NGT’s order has not only mandated the removal of debris but also stressed the need for proper waste management practices in the Aarey colony. This move is expected to act as a deterrent against future dumping and help in the sustainable management of waste generated by construction and development activities.

While BMC has faced logistical challenges in the past, the tribunal’s strict deadline has urged authorities to devise an effective action plan to ensure the debris is cleared without further delay. Cooperation and coordination among all stakeholders, including government bodies, environmentalists, and local communities, will be vital to achieve this goal successfully.

In addition to the debris clearance, the NGT has called for a comprehensive environmental impact assessment to be carried out to gauge the extent of damage caused to the river and its surroundings. This study will aid in formulating long-term strategies to rejuvenate the Mithi River, preserving its ecological integrity for future generations.

The NGT’s decisive stance serves as a reminder of the crucial role played by judicial bodies in safeguarding the environment and holding authorities accountable for their actions. As the clock ticks, the pressure is on BMC to rise to the occasion and take decisive steps in clearing the debris from the Mithi River within the given timeframe.

The deadline set by the NGT presents a critical opportunity for the BMC to demonstrate its commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable development. The eyes of the nation are now fixed on the Aarey colony, awaiting the transformation of the Mithi River into a pristine waterway once again. Only time will tell if this pivotal moment becomes a turning point in the restoration of one of Mumbai’s most valuable natural assets.


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