Have faith in Rinku, get goosebumps watching him bat: Andre Russell


KOLKATA: Andre Russell might have won the Player of the Match award but it was Rinku Singh who won hearts on Monday. A packed Eden Gardens began chanting “Rinku, Rinku” even when Kolkata Knight Riders acclaimed finisher Russell was still at the crease, proving that Rinku is rising up the popularity charts.

On Monday, Kolkata Knight Riders played a match at a packed Eden Gardens stadium. While Andre Russell was named the Player of the Match, it was Rinku Singh who captured the hearts of the crowd. In fact, the audience began chanting “Rinku, Rinku” even when Russell was still batting, demonstrating the growing popularity of Rinku among fans.

This incident highlights Rinku’s rising profile as a cricketer. While Russell may be the team’s acclaimed finisher, Rinku’s performance has earned him recognition and admiration among the fans. The chanting of his name by the crowd is a testament to his growing fan base and the potential he has to become a star player.

It is important to note that in cricket, fan support can play a significant role in boosting a player’s confidence and morale. With the crowd cheering him on, Rinku may be motivated to perform even better in future matches. Overall, this incident shows that Rinku Singh is a player to watch out for in the coming days, and his rise to fame is just getting started.


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