HC relief for nurse sacked 10 yrs ago for contesting polls


Mumbai, May 24, 2023 – In a significant ruling, the Bombay High Court has come to the aid of a nurse who was dismissed from service at Byculla’s central railway hospital ten years ago for contesting the state assembly elections in 2009 without prior intimation. The court has held that while dismissal is not justified, a reduced penalty should be imposed.

The case, which has been a long-standing battle for the nurse, finally saw a favorable outcome as the high court recognized the need for a fair and proportionate response to her actions. The court acknowledged that participating in the democratic process by contesting elections should not automatically result in severe repercussions such as termination of employment.

According to the court’s ruling, the nurse’s dismissal was deemed excessive, considering the circumstances surrounding her political aspirations. The bench emphasized that instead of outright termination, an appropriate penalty should be imposed, taking into account the seriousness of the breach and the impact on the workplace environment.

The nurse, who had dedicated years of service to the central railway hospital, expressed her gratitude for the court’s decision. Speaking about her ordeal, she stated, “I have always believed in the importance of active participation in democracy. While I regret the oversight of not informing the hospital authorities about my political ambitions, I am relieved that the court recognized the disproportional nature of my dismissal.”

The court’s ruling serves as a reminder that employees should not face severe consequences for engaging in political activities, provided they do not conflict with their professional responsibilities. The judgment brings clarity and fairness to the issue, striking a balance between individual rights and the employer’s concerns.

This landmark decision is expected to have wider implications for similar cases, ensuring that employees are treated equitably when expressing their political aspirations. It highlights the significance of upholding democratic values within the workplace, fostering an environment that encourages civic engagement and active participation in public affairs.

As the nurse awaits the final determination of the reduced penalty, her case stands as a testament to the power of the judicial system in rectifying past injustices. It also serves as a reminder that individuals should be able to exercise their democratic rights without fear of unwarranted consequences in their professional lives.


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