How Akash Garg able to become full time forex trader and helping others with their knowledge & experience


Akash Garg, forex & crypto trader and well-known name in content creator industry.

Akash started his trading journey in 2017. But as like every newbie, he also failed lot of times in his initial days of trading. He lost lakhs in trading, but after years of hard work and learning he identified his mistakes and started working on it. He knew he can’t do it alone, he needed guidance and mentorship. So, he finds a personal mentor who helped him in learning about market at fast pace. Finally, he recovered all the losses within few months. In his trading journey, he got the opportunity to work with veterans of financial market & have vast experience of more than 6 years.

Most people trade in forex market just to make money, while they never know the importance of forex market. And this is where most traders make mistakes. People need to know the importance of forex market. And what will happen if there are no forex transactions in the market. He has explained the importance of forex market in his LinkedIn article-

Now, after having deep understanding and tactics of financial market, Akash is helping young traders and sharing knowledge through his YouTube Channel –

On his YouTube channel, Akash shares all the latest update about forex market and educate people with their technical analysis videos. He uses to trade based on pure price action as price action is one of the major pillars where traders fails & his goal is to spread awareness & education with right set of knowledge. Because, even today most of the traders trade just like gambling and lose money just because they lack in knowledge & education about trading.

Beside this, he provides complete training on forex trading with personal mentorship where he personally helps struggling traders and show the roadmap how they can trade like him and become financial independent. One can visit his website and explore all the courses related to forex & crypto trading

Akash has categorized his courses as per the trader’s requirement, and all these details are available on his website

Since 2020, Akash has trained 700+ students and helped them in becoming a profitable trader. Not just profitable, people also pass funding challenge under his guidance. His team, Step Traders, provides 24*7 support for all the students or clients to help them in best possible way.

Today Akash Garg has reached out to thousands of audiences with his educational & inspiring content by social media.


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