Indian Auto Talks Unfurls Bold Vision with Rebranding


In an ambitious move, the renowned automotive publication ‘Mera Truck Mera Jahan’ has rebranded itself as Indian Auto Talks ( ). This rebranding exercise is more than just a name change. It’s a signal of the brand’s aim to reinvent itself in the automotive ecosystem.

Over the next few years, Indian Auto Talks intends to become a reckoning force in the field of automotive publishing. Conventional automotive journalism is often difficult to understand for the readers. Indian Autotalks aspires to go beyond just mere reporting. They aim to create a community, where auto enthusiasts can talk and engage with the content.

At the heart of Indian Auto Talks’ mission is to redefine storytelling. They want to enthral the audience with narratives that not only inform but inspire, delving into the latest trends, happening in the ever-changing automotive industry. They would also not inform of the

However, their ambitions extend far beyond chronicling the industry’s evolution. Through groundbreaking investigative journalism and incisive analysis, Indian Auto Talks aims to hold industry players accountable, driving positive change and fostering transparency.

Inclusivity is a pillar of their vision, as they strive to provide a platform where every voice in the automotive community is heard and celebrated. From grassroots enthusiasts to industry titans, Indian Auto Talks will amplify diverse perspectives, championing inclusivity and ensuring a seat at the table for all.

Innovation is also a key focus, with Indian Auto Talks committed to pushing the boundaries of digital media. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they aim to deliver immersive, interactive experiences that revolutionise how audiences engage with automotive content, from virtual test drives to augmented reality showcases.

Notably, Indian Auto Talks is determined to be a beacon of sustainability in an industry grappling with environmental challenges. They will spotlight eco-friendly innovations, advocate for responsible manufacturing practices, and empower consumers to make informed, planet-conscious choices.

With their sights set on becoming the stalwart of automotive publication, Indian Auto Talks is poised to shape the future. Their rebranding signifies a transformative journey, one that promises to redefine the very essence of automotive media and leave an indelible mark on the industry.

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