India’s Defence Sector Surges: Modi Celebrates Record ₹1.27 Trillion Output Milestone


    Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lauded India’s defence sector for achieving a historic milestone, with the country’s defence output soaring to a record ₹1.27 trillion. This achievement underscores India’s robust growth in defence manufacturing and strategic capabilities, firmly establishing the nation as a significant player in the global defence industry.

    The milestone represents a critical stride towards India’s goal of self-reliance in defence production, reducing dependency on foreign imports. Modi highlighted that this achievement reflects India’s commitment to enhancing its defence capabilities, promoting indigenous manufacturing, and fostering innovation in defence technologies.

    Under Modi’s leadership, initiatives like ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’ have actively promoted domestic defence manufacturing. These initiatives aim to boost production capabilities, attract foreign investment, and nurture a vibrant ecosystem of defence innovation within the country.

    Strategic partnerships with global defence manufacturers and technology transfers have further bolstered India’s defence capabilities. These collaborations not only enhance technological prowess but also pave the way for joint ventures and exports, positioning India as a competitive player in the international defence market.

    India’s focus on modernizing its armed forces has driven demand for advanced weaponry, equipment, and technology. Domestic defence firms have responded by scaling up production to meet the evolving needs of the armed forces, contributing to India’s defence preparedness and national security.

    The record defence output not only strengthens India’s defence capabilities but also stimulates economic growth and employment generation. It fuels industrial development, creates skilled jobs, and supports ancillary sectors, thereby bolstering India’s economic resilience.

    Looking ahead, sustaining this growth momentum will require continued investment in research and development. Strengthening technological capabilities and fostering innovation will be crucial in maintaining India’s position as a leading force in the global defence landscape.

    In addition, India’s achievement of ₹1.27 trillion in defence output marks a significant milestone in its journey towards self-reliance and strategic autonomy. Modi’s government’s steadfast commitment to promoting indigenous manufacturing and enhancing defence capabilities underscores India’s emergence as a formidable player in the global defence sector.


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