IPL 2023: Nicholas Pooran proving to be the perfect finisher for Lucknow Super Giants


Nicholas Pooran’s remarkable performances as a finisher for the Lucknow Super Giants in the IPL 2023 season have solidified his worth as a prized asset for the franchise. Having secured his services for a hefty sum of Rs 16 crore at the IPL Players’ Auction, Pooran has demonstrated exceptional skills and emerged as the ideal finisher, proving to be worth every penny invested in him.

Consistency in Finishing Matches: Pooran’s ability to consistently finish matches for the Lucknow Super Giants has been a revelation. His exceptional batting prowess, especially in the crucial death overs, has given the team a significant advantage. Time and again, Pooran has showcased his knack for scoring quick runs and efficiently steering his team towards victory.

Unleashing the Power-Hitting: One of Pooran’s greatest strengths is his explosive power-hitting. He possesses an extensive range of shots and an uncanny ability to clear the boundaries with ease. Pooran’s ability to consistently find the gaps and dispatch the ball to the ropes has not only delighted the fans but has also contributed immensely to the Super Giants’ success.

Composure under Pressure: What sets Pooran apart as a finisher is his composure under pressure. He remains cool and collected even in the most intense moments of the game. This calmness allows him to assess the match situation accurately and make well-calculated decisions, resulting in successful run chases for his team.

Match-Winning Contributions: Nicholas Pooran has emerged as a match-winner for the Lucknow Super Giants. His contributions with the bat have been invaluable, often turning the tide in favor of his team. Pooran’s ability to accelerate the scoring rate when required and produce crucial innings under pressure has earned him immense praise and adoration from fans and teammates alike.

Value for Money: Despite his high price tag at the IPL auction, Pooran has undoubtedly justified the investment made by the Lucknow Super Giants. His consistent performances and ability to single-handedly finish matches have brought immense value to the franchise. Pooran’s impact on the team’s success cannot be overlooked, making him a prized asset in their quest for the IPL title.


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