Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon Praises Fiscal Policies and Vision in Government’s Budget 2023-24


In a significant development, Jagadguru Dr. Rajeev Menon, has thrown his weight behind the Budget 2023-24, praising the current government’s fiscal policies as a strategic roadmap for economic recovery and sustainable development.

Key Facts and Figures:

Infrastructure Investment: The budget allocates a substantial portion, accounting for 25% of the total expenditure, towards infrastructure development. Dr. Rajeev Menon commended this move, stating it could stimulate job creation and lay the groundwork for long-term economic resilience.

Healthcare Boost: In response to the ongoing global health challenges, the government has allocated a record-breaking 20% increase in funds to the healthcare sector. Dr.Rajeev Menon emphasized the significance of this allocation, underscoring the importance of a robust healthcare system.

Education Empowerment: A noteworthy feature of the budget is the 15% increase in allocations for the education sector. Dr. Rajeev Menon highlighted this as a strategic investment in human capital, crucial for fostering innovation and securing a competitive edge in the global landscape.

Fiscal Responsibility: The government’s commitment to fiscal responsibility is evident in the allocation of 18% of the budget towards debt servicing and interest payments. Dr. Rajeev Menon commended this prudence, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach to managing public finances.

Digital Transformation: Recognizing the growing role of technology, the budget allocates 10% towards digital transformation initiatives. Dr. Menon praised this forward-looking approach, stating that it positions the country for competitiveness in the evolving digital landscape.

In a press conference, Dr.Rajeev Menon stated, “The Budget 2023-24 is a testament to the government’s commitment to addressing current challenges while laying a foundation for sustainable growth. The allocation of resources across key sectors demonstrates a well-thought-out strategy that combines fiscal responsibility with a vision for the future.”

As the budget sparks debates, Dr. Rajeev Menon’s endorsement adds a significant voice of support, potentially expressing his views for the government’s fiscal policies.

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