Johnny Depp Declares “No Further Need” for Hollywood Following Cannes Film Festival Premiere


In a surprising turn of events, Johnny Depp made a bold statement at the Cannes Film Festival, indicating that he has “no further need” for Hollywood. This declaration came just a day after the premiere of his first film in three years, “Jeanne du Barry,” in which he portrays King Louis XV. The French film, directed by and starring Maiwenn, marks Depp’s comeback after a high-profile legal battle with his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

During a press conference, Depp addressed questions regarding his alleged boycott by Hollywood, particularly his removal from the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. He dismissed the notion of feeling boycotted, stating that he doesn’t think about Hollywood and has no interest in returning to studio projects. According to him, the industry has become a place where individuals must conform and suppress their true selves to fit in.

The press conference itself was an unconventional affair, starting late and initially missing Depp. However, when he finally arrived, he wasted no time taking the spotlight. Depp criticized the media for the fabricated stories and sensationalism surrounding his personal life, referring to them as “fantastically, horrifically written fiction.”

Despite the controversy surrounding Depp, “Jeanne du Barry” received positive reception at its premiere. However, the film is yet to secure distribution in the United States. Depp’s remarks at Cannes have sparked debate about whether the festival should have given him such a prominent platform considering the allegations against him.

In response to the critics, Depp questioned the significance of their opinions, comparing it to being banned from a fast-food chain because of a handful of dissatisfied customers. He emphasized that he hadn’t disappeared from the industry and lived just a short distance away, suggesting that it was others who had distanced themselves from him out of fear or other reasons.

As Johnny Depp embarks on a new phase in his career, it remains to be seen how his decision to distance himself from Hollywood will shape his future endeavors. Regardless, his appearance at Cannes and the premiere of “Jeanne du Barry” mark a significant milestone in his journey to reclaim his place in the film industry.


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