Mary Ann Gomes in race against time for World Cup


Kolkata’s very own chess prodigy, Mary Ann Gomes, finds herself in a race against time. Fresh off her impressive silver-medal-winning performance at the Asian Women’s Continental chess meet on Sunday, the talented player has little time for celebrations as she dives headfirst into intense preparations for the upcoming World Cup.

Gomes, a local favorite, showcased her exceptional skills and strategic brilliance during the continental chess meet, capturing the hearts of chess enthusiasts across the city. Her silver medal was a testament to her dedication and unwavering focus in a highly competitive field.

However, the jubilation of her recent achievement is short-lived as Gomes now faces the daunting task of preparing for the prestigious World Cup. With every passing moment, the clock ticks relentlessly, leaving her with little opportunity to bask in her success.

Known for her tenacity and ability to deliver under pressure, Gomes understands the magnitude of the challenge that lies ahead. The World Cup demands the highest level of concentration, stamina, and preparation, and Gomes is leaving no stone unturned in her quest for excellence.

With limited time at her disposal, Gomes has mapped out a rigorous training schedule, working closely with her team of coaches and analysts. Endless hours are spent analyzing opponents’ strategies, refining her own techniques, and strengthening her mental fortitude, all in pursuit of victory on the global stage.

Despite the demanding training regimen, Gomes remains undeterred, fueled by her passion for the game and the desire to make her city proud. The support of her friends, family, and fans serves as an additional motivation, propelling her forward in this race against time.

As the World Cup approaches, the anticipation builds, and the pressure mounts. Gomes knows that her preparation is crucial in shaping her performance on the grand stage. The sacrifices, the late nights, and the tireless effort will all be worth it if she can make her mark on the international chess scene.

For Mary Ann Gomes, there is no time to waste. She stands poised on the precipice of greatness, ready to seize the opportunity and leave an indelible mark on the World Cup. Kolkata watches with bated breath, knowing that their prodigious talent is ready to take on the world and conquer new heights in the game of kings.


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