Meet Akash Gangadhare: India’s Digital Marketing Dynamo


In the world of digital marketing, there’s a standout figure dedicated to helping local Indian businesses grow online through digital marketing and social media. His name is Akash Gangadhare, and he’s India’s very first digital marketing expert with a mission.

From Humble Beginnings

Back in 2017, Akash started his digital marketing journey with just Rs. 13,000. Now, after seven years of hard work, he’s achieved incredible success. He’s not only taken his digital marketing agency to new heights, but he’s also positively impacted over 500 businesses, helping them generate a remarkable 21 crores in revenue.

A Journey Driven by Determination:

Akash comes from a middle-class family, where his father served in the Indian Army until 2013. After retirement, his father entered the real estate business. Tragedy struck when they lost around 75 lakhs of their savings.

With no money left and debts to pay, Akash worked tirelessly day and night. His goal was to earn money and pay off the debts, freeing his family from the burden of interest payments. By 2019, he had not only repaid all the debts but also achieved financial freedom. His lesson is simple – don’t borrow money with interest for your dreams; work hard, earn it, and own your money.

Going Beyond Borders:

Akash’s journey didn’t stop at his personal success. He went on to collaborate with over 250 international brands and influential figures, including the founder of the software company iWable.

A Noble Mission:

Akash is on a mission to help one million Indian businesses grow digitally and succeed in the market through the power of social media and digital marketing.

Key Highlights:

– Over 21 Crores in Client Sales Revenue

– Serving 500+ International Customers

– Collaboration with 250+ Top International Brands

– Over 8 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

– A Mission to Empower 1 Million Indian Local Businesses

In conclusion, Akash Gangadhare’s journey is a shining example of determination and hard work. He’s not just a digital marketing expert; he’s an inspiration for countless aspiring entrepreneurs. Akash’s message is clear – work hard, earn your success, and let your achievements tell your story. With his mission to empower one million local businesses digitally, he continues to guide and inspire in the Indian business landscape.

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