“Mohsin Khan has a big heart”: LSG captain Krunal Pandya


In a thrilling Indian Premier League (IPL) match, the Lucknow Super Giants emerged victorious with a narrow 5-run win against the Mumbai Indians. Captain Krunal Pandya showered praise on pacer Mohsin Khan for his exceptional performance in the final over, where he brilliantly defended 11 runs to seal the victory.

The match, held at an electrifying stadium in New Delhi, witnessed a high-stakes clash between two formidable teams. Mumbai Indians, known for their batting prowess, put up a challenging total on the scoreboard. Lucknow Super Giants, however, displayed unwavering determination and showcased their mettle with a remarkable comeback in the final overs.

As the match reached its climax, Mumbai Indians found themselves within striking distance of victory, requiring 15 runs in the last over. Krunal Pandya, entrusted with the captaincy, turned to the young and talented pacer, Mohsin Khan, to shoulder the immense responsibility.

Mohsin Khan, known for his ability to handle pressure situations, delivered a masterful performance in that decisive over. With steely focus and immaculate execution, he thwarted the Mumbai Indians’ batting onslaught, conceding just four runs off the first four deliveries.

The atmosphere in the stadium intensified as the outcome of the match hung in the balance. The batsmen, desperate to salvage a win for their team, desperately sought boundaries. However, Mohsin Khan remained calm under pressure, unfazed by the mounting tension.

With only two balls remaining and Mumbai Indians requiring 7 runs, Mohsin Khan unleashed a perfectly executed slower ball, completely deceiving the batsman. The ball nestled into the safe hands of the fielder, sending shockwaves through the Mumbai Indians’ camp.

As the final delivery arrived, the stadium erupted into a crescendo of cheers and applause. With nerves of steel, Mohsin Khan delivered an impeccable yorker, crashing into the batsman’s leg stump. The entire stadium exploded with jubilation as Lucknow Super Giants clinched a dramatic 5-run victory.

Krunal Pandya, acknowledging Mohsin Khan’s brilliance, expressed his admiration for the young pacer’s exceptional performance in the final over. “Mohsin Khan has a big heart,” said Pandya. “His composure and execution in that pressure-cooker situation were commendable. He played a vital role in our hard-fought victory today.”

The heroic display by Mohsin Khan not only secured a crucial win for the Lucknow Super Giants but also showcased his immense potential as a rising star in the IPL. With his impressive skills and ability to thrive under pressure, Mohsin Khan has undoubtedly left a lasting impression on both teammates and fans alike.

As the IPL season continues, it is certain that Mohsin Khan’s remarkable final over will serve as a source of inspiration for the Lucknow Super Giants, propelling them forward with renewed confidence. The team’s journey, led by Captain Krunal Pandya, promises to be an enthralling one as they strive for further successes in this fiercely competitive tournament.


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