Only Virat Kohli can reveal why he left Test captaincy: Sourav Ganguly


In a surprising turn of events, Virat Kohli, the renowned cricketer and former captain of the Indian cricket team, announced his decision to step down from the Test captaincy after the conclusion of the 2022 tour of South Africa. The unexpected move has sent shockwaves through the cricketing world, leaving both fans and the top brass of the Indian Cricket Board bewildered. Kohli’s decision has sparked widespread speculation and curiosity, with many eagerly awaiting his personal insights into the reasons behind this significant development.

Unprecedented Move: Kohli’s resignation as Test captain came as a bolt from the blue, catching not only cricket pundits but also his teammates and cricketing authorities off guard. Known for his passion, determination, and strong leadership skills, Kohli had been at the helm of the Indian Test team since 2014 and achieved numerous accolades during his tenure. His decision to relinquish the captaincy has raised numerous questions about the underlying factors that prompted this unprecedented move.

The Cricketing World Reacts: The news of Kohli’s departure from the Test captaincy has reverberated throughout the cricketing fraternity, eliciting a range of reactions. Fans, accustomed to witnessing Kohli’s indomitable spirit and aggressive style of play, have expressed their surprise and disappointment at the turn of events. Cricket pundits and former players have begun speculating about the potential reasons behind Kohli’s decision, analyzing various aspects such as team dynamics, personal priorities, and the demands of modern cricket.

Insights Awaited: While the cricketing world grapples with this unexpected development, all eyes are now on Virat Kohli himself, as fans and experts eagerly await his personal revelations regarding the rationale behind his decision. Sourav Ganguly, former Indian captain and current Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) President, recently remarked that only Kohli can shed light on the true motives driving his departure from the Test captaincy. This statement has further fueled curiosity and added to the anticipation surrounding Kohli’s forthcoming explanations.

The Road Ahead: As the Indian cricket team prepares for a new era under a different Test captain, the focus will inevitably shift to the appointment of Kohli’s successor. The BCCI’s selection committee faces the crucial task of identifying a suitable candidate who can effectively lead the team forward. Additionally, there will be heightened scrutiny on Kohli’s performances as a player, free from the additional responsibility of captaincy, and his ability to contribute to the team’s success in a new capacity.

Virat Kohli’s decision to step down as Test captain has sent shockwaves through the cricketing world, leaving fans and cricket authorities grappling for answers. While speculations abound, only Kohli himself can provide the insights needed to truly understand the motives behind his unexpected move. As the Indian cricket team looks ahead to a new chapter, the announcement marks the end of an era and opens doors to new possibilities for both Kohli and Indian cricket.


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