PM Modi Strikes Back in Lok Sabha: Labels Congress a ‘Parasite,’ Calls Rahul Gandhi ‘Childish’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a scathing attack on the Congress party, labeling it a “parasite” and dismissing Rahul Gandhi’s remarks as “childish.” This confrontation comes amidst a highly charged political climate, with tensions running high between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the opposition Congress party.

The session began with a heated exchange as Rahul Gandhi took the floor to criticize the Modi government’s policies and its handling of various issues, including the economy, unemployment, and recent communal tensions. Gandhi’s speech, peppered with sharp critiques and accusations, set the stage for a robust response from the Prime Minister.

PM Modi, known for his oratorical skills and ability to connect with the masses, did not hold back in his rebuttal. He began by addressing the accusations made by Gandhi, systematically countering each point. Modi defended his government’s track record, highlighting various initiatives and policies that have been implemented over the past decade. He cited improvements in infrastructure, healthcare, and social welfare schemes as evidence of the BJP’s commitment to national development.

Turning his attention to the Congress party, Modi’s rhetoric intensified. He accused the Congress of being a “parasite” that has thrived on exploiting India’s resources and people for decades. He alleged that the party, during its long tenure in power, failed to bring about significant progress and instead fostered a culture of corruption and inefficiency. “The Congress has only looked after its own interests, not the nation’s,” Modi asserted. “They have fed off the country’s wealth like parasites, offering little in return.”

Modi’s critique of Rahul Gandhi was particularly sharp. He characterized Gandhi’s remarks as “childish” and indicative of a lack of maturity and understanding of complex national issues. “It is unfortunate that such immature and frivolous comments are made in the august house of Parliament,” Modi said. “The nation expects serious, thoughtful discourse from its leaders, not childish rants.”

The Prime Minister also took the opportunity to highlight what he described as the Congress party’s internal disarray. He pointed to recent defections and internal conflicts as signs of a party struggling to stay relevant in the current political landscape. “The Congress is losing its base because it is out of touch with the aspirations and needs of the people,” Modi stated. “Their leadership is disconnected, and their vision is outdated.”

In his speech, Modi emphasized the BJP’s commitment to a unified and progressive India. He reiterated his government’s focus on economic growth, national security, and social harmony. He also called on the opposition to engage in constructive dialogue and work together for the nation’s betterment. “We welcome criticism, but it must be constructive and based on facts,” Modi said. “Our focus should be on finding solutions and building a brighter future for all Indians.”

The Prime Minister’s speech was met with loud applause from BJP members and supporters, while Congress members responded with jeers and interruptions. The sharp exchanges underscored the deep-seated political divide and the challenges of fostering a collaborative legislative environment.

Political analysts noted that Modi’s aggressive stance is likely a strategic move to consolidate support among his base and counter the growing criticisms from the opposition. The characterization of the Congress as a “parasite” and the dismissal of Rahul Gandhi as “childish” are intended to undermine the opposition’s credibility and portray the BJP as the only viable option for India’s future.

As the Lok Sabha session continued, the war of words between the BJP and Congress showed no signs of abating. Both parties remain entrenched in their positions, with each accusing the other of failing the nation. The intense debates and sharp rhetoric highlight the high stakes and fierce competition that define Indian politics today.

In addition, PM Modi’s speech in the Lok Sabha served as a powerful rebuttal to the Congress party’s criticisms. By labeling the Congress a “parasite” and dismissing Rahul Gandhi’s remarks as “childish,” Modi has set the tone for a contentious and polarized political discourse. The coming months will likely see continued clashes between the ruling party and the opposition as they vie for the support and trust of the Indian electorate.


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