‘PM Modi would start explaining to God how universe works’: Rahul Gandhi in US


New Delhi – In a scathing critique of the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi, former President of the Indian National Congress, accused the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of resorting to threats and misusing government agencies. The remarks came during a recent address where Gandhi expressed his concerns over the state of democracy in the country.

Gandhi’s comments were made against the backdrop of escalating political tensions and alleged abuses of power by the ruling party. He claimed that the BJP has been using intimidation tactics to suppress dissenting voices and maintain control over the political landscape.

During his speech, Gandhi stated, “The BJP is threatening people and misusing government agencies to target those who dare to criticize their policies or challenge their ideology. This is not how a democracy functions. We should be encouraging dialogue and constructive criticism, not stifling it.”

Gandhi further emphasized the need for a healthy democratic environment that respects differing opinions and fosters open discussions. He urged the government to focus on addressing pressing issues such as unemployment, the economic downturn, and the healthcare crisis, rather than silencing dissenting voices.

The opposition leader’s remarks received mixed reactions, with supporters commending his stance on safeguarding democratic principles, while critics accused him of playing politics and leveling baseless allegations against the ruling party.

The BJP, for its part, has consistently denied the allegations of misusing government agencies or stifling dissent. Party representatives have defended their actions as necessary measures to maintain law and order and ensure national security.

Political analysts believe that the exchange between the opposition and the ruling party underscores the ongoing power struggle in Indian politics. As the country gears up for upcoming elections, these clashes are expected to intensify, with both sides vying for support and attempting to influence public opinion.

As the political landscape in India continues to evolve, it remains to be seen how these accusations and counter-accusations will shape public perception and influence the future direction of the country. The role of opposition leaders like Rahul Gandhi will be crucial in offering alternative narratives and holding the ruling party accountable for its actions.


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