Rahul Roy And His Soul Sister Priyanka Thank Salman Khan For Clearing His Medical Bills After Brain Stroke

Rahul Roy and his sister thanks Salman KHAN


In a shocking turn of events in 2020, popular Bollywood actor Rahul Roy, known for his memorable role in the film “Aashiqui,” suffered a brain stroke while shooting for the movie “LAC Live the Battle” in the picturesque region of Kargil. The incident sent shockwaves through the industry and among his fans, leading to an outpouring of support and concern. However, amidst this challenging time, an unexpected ray of hope emerged in the form of renowned actor Salman Khan, who extended a helping hand by reportedly clearing Rahul Roy’s medical bills.

The Unfortunate Stroke:

During the filming of “LAC Live the Battle,” Rahul Roy, known for his dedication and passion for his craft, suddenly fell victim to a brain stroke. The incident not only halted the production but also left the entire film fraternity in a state of worry and concern. It was a challenging time for the actor as he fought to regain his health and strength, facing numerous medical procedures and rehabilitation sessions.

Salman Khan’s Compassionate Gesture:

In the midst of Rahul Roy’s medical battle, Salman Khan, a superstar with a generous heart, stepped forward to support his fellow actor. According to reports circulating at the time, Salman Khan voluntarily offered to cover Rahul Roy’s medical expenses, demonstrating his compassionate nature and camaraderie within the film industry. The gesture was seen as a heartwarming example of solidarity and support among celebrities during trying times.

The Road to Recovery:

Following the brain stroke, Rahul Roy received extensive medical care and underwent a period of rehabilitation to regain his health. With the support of his family, friends, and the medical team, the actor displayed immense courage and determination in his journey towards recovery. Throughout this challenging phase, he remained optimistic, inspiring his fans and well-wishers with his unwavering spirit.

Gratitude for Salman Khan:

Rahul Roy and his family expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Salman Khan for his invaluable support during their difficult time. Salman Khan’s gesture not only helped alleviate the financial burden but also served as a source of encouragement and motivation for Rahul Roy’s recovery. The incident highlighted the importance of solidarity and kindness within the entertainment industry, emphasizing the bond that exists beyond the glitz and glamour.


Rahul Roy’s battle with a brain stroke during the filming of “LAC Live the Battle” in Kargil was a challenging period for the actor and his loved ones. However, it was also a time that showcased the compassion and unity among celebrities. Salman Khan’s support, by reportedly clearing Rahul Roy’s medical bills, acted as a beacon of hope and inspired others within the industry to come together in times of need. Today, as Rahul Roy continues his journey towards recovery, he serves as an inspiration for countless individuals, reminding us all of the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.


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