Rs 700 Crore Investment Fraud Run By Chinese Handlers Busted In Hyderabad

Chinese handlers busted in Hyderabad

In a major breakthrough, the Hyderabad Police, in collaboration with national and international agencies, have successfully unraveled a massive investment fraud perpetrated by Chinese handlers, amounting to a staggering Rs 700 Crore. The elaborate criminal network, which had been operating discreetly for an extended period, came to light after a meticulous and prolonged investigation.

The Fraudulent Scheme:

The masterminds behind the scheme devised an intricate investment fraud, luring unsuspecting victims into lucrative opportunities with promises of high returns. Posing as legitimate investment companies, they capitalized on the booming financial market in India, particularly in Hyderabad, where they targeted both seasoned investors and newcomers alike.

Chinese Involvement Unearthed:

During the course of the investigation, law enforcement authorities uncovered concrete evidence pointing to the involvement of Chinese nationals in the fraudulent operation. The perpetrators had set up their base of operations within the city, exploiting modern communication technologies to maintain anonymity while communicating with their victims.

Operation “SilverShield”:

Codename “SilverShield” was given to the joint operation conducted by the Hyderabad Police and intelligence agencies, which stretched over several months. The operation aimed to identify, apprehend, and dismantle the entire criminal network involved in the fraud, from the ground-level operatives to the masterminds residing abroad.

Breakthrough and Arrests:

The breakthrough came when law enforcement agencies successfully tracked down the key members of the criminal syndicate, including its core leadership in Hyderabad and connections to overseas Chinese handlers. Prompt and coordinated action led to the arrest of several suspects involved in orchestrating the fraudulent investment scheme.

Confiscation of Assets:

Simultaneously, investigators froze numerous bank accounts linked to the scam, which held a significant portion of the defrauded funds. The authorities are now in the process of repatriating the money to the victims who fell prey to the deceitful ploys of the criminals.

Impact on Victims:

The investment scam had affected a substantial number of individuals and families who had invested their hard-earned savings, seeking better financial prospects for their future. The victims ranged from small-time investors to well-established entrepreneurs, all of whom faced substantial financial losses.

Collaborative Efforts:

The successful busting of the Rs 700 Crore Chinese investment fraud exemplifies the value of international collaboration between law enforcement agencies. Multiple agencies from India and other countries worked in tandem to track the perpetrators and their assets across borders, showcasing the importance of global cooperation in tackling transnational crimes.

Preventing Future Scams:

The Hyderabad Police have issued a warning to the public, urging them to exercise caution while investing their money and to verify the legitimacy of any investment opportunity thoroughly. The authorities are also working on implementing stricter regulatory measures to prevent similar fraudulent schemes from arising in the future.

The Impact of the Bust:

The dismantling of this elaborate investment scam has restored faith in the financial market for many investors who had lost hope. It also sends a strong message to fraudsters operating in the region that the law will catch up to them, regardless of their international connections.


The Hyderabad Police’s successful takedown of the Rs 700 Crore Chinese investment fraud marks a significant victory against transnational financial crimes. The joint efforts of various national and international agencies have showcased the determination to protect investors and uphold the integrity of financial systems. With enhanced vigilance and robust regulatory measures, the authorities aim to ensure a safer investment environment for all citizens.


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