Scaling Heights: Vision 360 Solutions Expands to Bangalore


Vision 360 solution company was founded by Mayur Nahar who was fascinated by gadgets as a child, who always went deeper into understanding of the software he was using and who was passionate about passing on the knowledge he gained to the other professionals without ‘cost’ as a primary motive.

Mayur Nahar, belonging to a small town of Ichalkaranji in Kolhapur, founded Vision 360 solution in 2012. His company envisioned helping other professionals by learning and exploring technology trends well. It helped the company grow. Mayur Nahar always believed that an entrepreneur should be technically sound and should market their product well. Hence, he started exploring and giving social media services to his clients which was very new back then.
Vision 360 solution thrived in IT and social media management sector as it was build through efforts and consistency.

The company started giving its services to bigger businesses. Loksabha elections of 2014 was a turning point for the company. We all have witnessed how effectively was social media used in that election. Vision 360 solutions provided its solutions to multiple candidates who benifitted well from companys services. Hence the company was the first choice for many candidates from different parties then on
The company did not shy away from constantly updating and upgrading according to the current trends. Newer trends like bulk sms, whatsapp, voicecall services were added to company’s solutions. The company also helped smaller businesses thrive making the number of clients grow to more than a 2500 which is quite a feat.

Mayur Nahar, the whole and soul of the company always prioritised quality services and clients satisfaction. The technical prowess, client satisfaction, his hold and expertise on his subject has helped company grow. The company recently launched its branch in Banglore.

Mayur Nahar, on his journey, said,” customer satisfaction is very important in any kind of business. The client will keep coming to you if they benifit significantly from your services. You get to bargain and negotiate sometimes with your clients but not compromising on the company values. This is the key to success.

He further added, “I am extremely happy on opening of a new branch. We strategize according to changing trends. We are using mobile communications effectivly. We are working with and on AI for the betterment of our services and i am sure it is going to greatly benifit our clients as well

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