Scarcity Of Herbs Halts ‘Facial’ Ritual Of Deities In Puri Temple

Scarcity of herbs 'facial' ritual

The iconic Puri Jagannath Temple, one of India’s most revered places of worship, is grappling with an unexpected challenge that threatens to disrupt centuries-old rituals. The scarcity of essential herbs has recently halted the sacred ‘facial’ rituals performed on the deities, casting a cloud of concern over the preservation of these time-honored practices.

The ‘facial’ ritual, known as “Bahuda,” is a deeply cherished tradition that forms an integral part of the temple’s daily rituals. It involves the ceremonial application of herbal pastes, prepared using an ancient recipe passed down through generations, to the faces of the deities. This sacred practice is believed to imbue the idols with divine beauty and bless them with spiritual purity.

However, the recent scarcity of crucial herbs required for the sacred facial has put a temporary hold on this cherished practice. Temple authorities, in collaboration with herbal experts and suppliers, are working tirelessly to address the issue and find viable alternatives.

According to statements by temple authorities, the lack of these vital herbs can be attributed to a combination of factors, including climate fluctuations, challenges in cultivation, and increasing demand. The abrupt interruption of this ritual has left temple devotees and priests disheartened, as they consider the ‘facial’ as a symbol of devotion and a crucial part of their daily worship.

“We are deeply saddened by the unanticipated scarcity of these sacred herbs. The ‘Bahuda’ ritual is not just an offering to the deities but also an expression of our faith and devotion,” expressed a senior priest at the temple.

The temple administration has taken immediate steps to explore sustainable solutions to the herb scarcity issue. Engaging with experts in the field, they aim to ensure the continued observance of the ‘facial’ ritual, keeping the divine tradition alive for future generations.

In the meantime, priests and devotees have come together to organize prayers and collective efforts to appeal for a resolution to this challenging situation. As news of the herb scarcity spreads, several individuals and organizations have shown interest in supporting the temple by contributing to the preservation of the ancient herbs and assisting in their cultivation.

The Puri Jagannath Temple holds immense significance not only as a religious landmark but also as a symbol of India’s cultural heritage. Preserving its sacred traditions, including the revered ‘facial’ ritual, remains a priority for devotees and enthusiasts alike.

While the present scarcity poses a temporary setback, the collective determination and devotion of those involved are poised to overcome the obstacles and restore this sacred ritual to its rightful place at the heart of the temple’s daily ceremonies.

As the temple’s administrators and devotees come together to tackle this challenge, they remain hopeful that the cherished ‘facial’ rituals will soon resume, signifying the triumph of resilience and the perpetuation of sacred traditions in the face of adversity.


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