Stolen Rs 15cr Gem In Switchboard, Kolkata Judge Sees ‘Feluda’ Twist

Stolen gem

In a perplexing turn of events, a gem worth a staggering Rs 15 crore has been reported stolen from a secure switchboard in Kolkata, leaving both authorities and locals baffled. Adding an intriguing twist to the narrative, a Kolkata judge has drawn comparisons to the famed fictional detective ‘Feluda,’ hinting at a possible connection reminiscent of the beloved detective’s intricate cases.

The gem, whose rarity and value alone make it a coveted treasure, went missing under highly unusual circumstances. The switchboard, believed to be impregnable due to its elaborate security measures, was breached without any apparent signs of forced entry or disruption. Authorities are grappling to comprehend the audacity and finesse with which the heist was executed, sparking widespread speculation about the involvement of a skilled and resourceful criminal syndicate.

What lends an air of enigmatic fascination to this already perplexing incident is the observation made by a Kolkata judge. Drawing parallels to the renowned fictional detective ‘Feluda,’ created by legendary filmmaker and author Satyajit Ray, the judge has alluded to a potential connection that evokes the intricate and intellectually stimulating narratives characteristic of the Feluda series. With its cerebral plots and unexpected revelations, Feluda’s stories have captivated readers and cinephiles alike for decades.

As the investigation gathers momentum, the city finds itself captivated by the unfolding mystery. The comparison to Feluda adds a layer of cultural intrigue, reminiscent of the detective’s knack for unraveling complex puzzles and unmasking elusive culprits. The allusion serves as a reminder of the fictional detective’s enduring popularity and the mark he has left on the collective imagination of the region.

As detectives and law enforcement officials sift through clues and interrogate potential suspects, the city holds its breath in anticipation of a resolution that may rival the pages of a ‘Feluda’ novel. The stolen gem, now an emblem of both the audacity of the crime and the ingenuity required to solve it, has transformed an ordinary switchboard into a stage for a real-life mystery worthy of the silver screen.


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