Summit Clash: Delhi Cops To Get Chain, Bolt Cutters To Break G20 Protests

Delhi cops to get chain

In preparation for potential protests during the upcoming G20 summit in Delhi, the city’s police force is set to receive upgraded tools aimed at ensuring public safety and maintaining order. Among these enhancements are chain and bolt cutters, which will be provided to law enforcement officers to swiftly respond to situations that require the removal of obstacles or barriers.

The decision to equip Delhi police with these tools stems from a proactive approach to handling large-scale gatherings, where the need to ensure the safety of both protesters and the general public is paramount. The chain and bolt cutters will enable law enforcement to efficiently address instances where protesters may attempt to obstruct roads, block entrances, or impede the flow of traffic. By having these tools readily available, the police aim to minimize disruptions while upholding the citizens’ right to peaceful demonstrations.

It’s worth noting that these tools are part of a broader strategy to manage protests in a balanced and controlled manner. The intent is not to curb lawful expressions of dissent but rather to swiftly respond to any instances that might pose a safety risk or disrupt the overall functioning of the city. The chain and bolt cutters are just one facet of the resources that will be deployed to ensure the security of the G20 summit, which is expected to attract significant attention and participation.

As preparations continue, Delhi’s authorities have expressed their commitment to upholding the principles of free speech and assembly, while also maintaining public order. The deployment of enhanced equipment such as chain and bolt cutters is seen as a proactive measure to ensure that the city’s infrastructure remains unobstructed and that any potential disruptions are efficiently managed. By striking this balance, the Delhi police aim to facilitate a safe and peaceful environment for both protesters and residents during the G20 summit.


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