Supreme Court Judges Must Give Voice To Those Facing Arbitrary Arrests: CJI DY Chandrachud

Supreme Court judges must give voice

In a significant pronouncement, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud emphasized the vital role of Supreme Court judges in giving a resounding voice to individuals subjected to arbitrary arrests. He underscored the principle of upholding justice, ensuring that the rights and liberties of citizens are safeguarded.

Chief Justice Chandrachud’s remarks came during a recent address wherein he underscored the profound responsibility of the judiciary in protecting the fundamental rights of citizens. He stressed that the judiciary must serve as a bulwark against arbitrary arrests and curtailment of individual freedoms.

By amplifying the voices of those facing arbitrary arrests, the Chief Justice highlighted the need for judges to be vigilant and proactive in upholding the rule of law. He emphasized that the court’s interventions play a crucial role in preventing potential abuses of power by authorities.

Justice Chandrachud’s call for judges to lend their voices to those in vulnerable situations aligns with the judiciary’s duty to act as a guardian of the Constitution. His perspective reinforces the concept of checks and balances, where the judiciary acts as a counterbalance to executive actions, thereby ensuring a just and equitable society.

This assertion gains significance in the context of recent cases involving alleged arbitrary arrests and detention. The judiciary’s active involvement in such matters can lead to the swift resolution of cases and prevent undue suffering for the accused.

Chief Justice DY Chandrachud’s statement resonates as a clarion call for Supreme Court judges to stand as advocates for those facing arbitrary arrests. By championing individual rights and ensuring due process, the judiciary plays a pivotal role in maintaining the democratic fabric of the nation. This pronouncement serves as a reminder of the judiciary’s duty to provide a fair and impartial platform for justice, shielding citizens from unwarranted deprivation of their liberties.


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