Tamil Nadu Athletes Achieve Milestone: Joining the Coveted 8 Metres Club in Long Jump


In a thrilling conclusion to the Tamil Nadu State Senior Athletics Championships held at Anna Stadium, two talented long jumpers from the southern state made history by joining the coveted 8 metres club. The third and final day of the championship witnessed exceptional performances that left the crowd in awe.

The first athlete to breach the 8-metre mark was the young and promising P David, representing the SDAT team. In his third round, David unleashed a stunning leap, soaring to 8.05 metres and taking the lead in the event. At just 21 years old, David has already showcased his incredible potential by winning the Senior Federation Cup title in Ranchi earlier this month. His previous personal best stood at 7.80 metres when he secured second place in the Indian Grand Prix at Bengaluru, finishing behind Kerala’s Murali Sreeshankar.

Responding to David’s exceptional performance, VK Elakkiyadan, representing Southern Railway, showcased his own brilliance by achieving a memorable 8.09 metres on his sixth and final leap. Elakkiyadan, who had previously won a bronze medal in the Asian indoor 60m dash, outperformed his recorded personal best of 7.79 metres from his victory at the state meet two years ago in Chennai. The 28-year-old athlete displayed remarkable skill and determination, surpassing his own expectations.

The achievements of these Tamil Nadu athletes highlight the incredible talent and dedication within the state’s athletics community. Earlier this year, long jumper Jeswin Aldrin set a national record with an astonishing jump of 8.42 metres in Bellary. Additionally, Murali Sreeshankar, who trains alongside Aldrin, recently secured a season-best jump of 8.18 metres, winning an international competition in Athens.

The southern region’s success in long jump extends beyond Tamil Nadu, as Karnataka jumper Lokesh Sathyanathan made his mark by surpassing the 8-metre mark with a jump of 8.02 metres in the Mountain West Outdoor Track and Field Championships in California.

These remarkable achievements demonstrate the immense talent and potential within Indian athletics. The performances of P David, VK Elakkiyadan, Jeswin Aldrin, Murali Sreeshankar, and Lokesh Sathyanathan not only bring glory to their respective states but also serve as an inspiration for aspiring athletes throughout the nation.

As these athletes continue to raise the bar and strive for excellence, the future of Indian long jump looks bright. Their accomplishments further solidify India’s position in the global athletics arena and set the stage for even greater achievements in the years to come.


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