With 99.75%, thane girl bags AIR 1 with 4 others


MUMBAI: Students hailing from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) have once again showcased their exceptional performance at the national level, as evidenced by the recently announced Indian School Certificate (ISC) results by the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination.

The students from MMR have continued to shine brightly, proving their mettle and demonstrating their academic prowess. With their remarkable achievements, they have brought laurels not only to their respective schools but also to the entire region.

The ISC results, which were declared on Sunday, unveiled a plethora of extraordinary accomplishments by these talented students. Their hard work, perseverance, and dedication have paid off in the form of outstanding scores and remarkable rankings.

Among the standout achievers was a Thane girl, who secured the coveted All India Rank (AIR) 1 with a phenomenal score of 99.75%. Her remarkable feat not only highlights her exceptional academic abilities but also serves as an inspiration to aspiring students across the nation.

Alongside her, four other students from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region have also clinched top ranks, further cementing the region’s reputation as a hub of academic excellence.

The students’ achievements in the ISC examinations are a testament to the excellent education system in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It also reflects the commitment of the schools, teachers, and parents in nurturing and guiding these young minds towards success.

These remarkable results not only bring pride and joy to the students and their families but also emphasize the importance of a well-rounded education and the pursuit of excellence. They serve as a reminder to all students that hard work, determination, and perseverance can help them achieve their goals and reach the pinnacle of success.

As the MMR continues to shine on the national stage, it is hoped that their remarkable achievements will inspire and motivate students from across the country to strive for greatness and unlock their true potential.

The students from the Mumbai Metropolitan Region have once again demonstrated their brilliance in the ISC examinations, with a Thane girl securing AIR 1 and four other students securing top ranks. Their exceptional achievements reflect their dedication, hard work, and the region’s commitment to providing quality education. They serve as an inspiration to students nationwide and reinforce the importance of pursuing excellence in education.


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