Yuvika Chaudhary: Prince and I Have Been Planning A Child Since We Married, But It Is In God’s Hands

Yuvika and Prince Narula are planning child


Yuvika Chaudhary and Prince Narula, one of the most adored couples in the entertainment industry, have been happily married for five years now. Along their journey, fans and well-wishers have eagerly awaited news of their plans for parenthood. Recently, the couple shed light on their aspirations for starting a family, emphasizing that they have been contemplating this significant milestone since tying the knot. However, they believe that the timing and arrival of a child are ultimately in the hands of a higher power.

Delving into Their Journey:

Yuvika and Prince’s marriage has been a source of inspiration for many, with their love and support for each other shining through. Throughout their relationship, they have nurtured their bond and created a strong foundation for their future. As they mark their fifth anniversary, the couple has reflected on their journey and expressed gratitude for the love and happiness they have found in each other.

The Parenthood Question:

Given their rock-solid relationship, it’s only natural that questions about their plans for parenthood arise. Yuvika and Prince have been open about their desire to have children, stating that it has been on their minds since they exchanged vows. However, they firmly believe that the decision to bring a new life into this world lies beyond their control and rests in the hands of a higher power.

Embracing Patience and Trust:

Yuvika and Prince have chosen to embrace patience and trust the natural course of events when it comes to starting a family. They believe that when the time is right, they will be blessed with the joy of parenthood. Meanwhile, they continue to focus on their personal and professional endeavors, cherishing the moments they share as a couple.

Support from Fans:

Fans of Yuvika and Prince have been eagerly awaiting news of their parenthood journey, offering unwavering support and love. The couple has expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming affection they receive from their admirers. They understand the excitement surrounding this next chapter of their lives and assure fans that they will share the joyous news when the time comes.

A Message of Hope:

Yuvika and Prince’s outlook on parenthood serves as a reminder of the power of hope, patience, and trust. They encourage others who may be on a similar journey to remain optimistic and embrace the belief that everything happens in its own time. The couple’s unwavering faith in a higher power has brought them peace and comfort as they await the arrival of their future child.


Yuvika Chaudhary and Prince Narula continue to captivate hearts with their love and dedication. As they celebrate five years of marriage, they remain hopeful and excited about the prospect of starting a family. While their plans for parenthood may be in the hands of a higher power, their love and commitment to each other will undoubtedly lay the foundation for a beautiful future together. Fans eagerly await the day when Yuvika and Prince will announce the arrival of their little bundle of joy, knowing that it will be a moment of pure bliss for the beloved couple.


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