2019 Talks With BJP To Form Govt Was A Googly To Deceive Devendra Fadnavis: Sharad Pawar

2019 talks with BJP


In a recent development, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief, Sharad Pawar, has publicly acknowledged that his party engaged in discussions with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Pawar’s admission comes amidst speculation and curiosity surrounding the alleged talks that took place in 2019. The revelation has sparked interest and raised questions about the nature and intent of these meetings.

Details: During a press interaction held in Pune on Thursday, Sharad Pawar confirmed that the NCP had indeed conducted discussions with the BJP. However, he added that the purpose of these meetings was to explore various political possibilities and potential alliances. Pawar’s revelation has surprised many, as these discussions were previously undisclosed.

Pawar further clarified that the talks were not aimed at forming a coalition government with the BJP. Instead, they were intended to gauge the political landscape and assess potential opportunities for the NCP. The statement sheds light on the strategic thinking behind the NCP’s decision to engage with the BJP during that period.

While the exact details and content of these meetings remain undisclosed, Pawar’s acknowledgement has generated mixed reactions within political circles. Some critics have questioned the transparency and motives behind these discussions, while others argue that such engagements are not uncommon in the dynamic landscape of Indian politics.

As is often the case in politics, interpretations of these meetings vary. Some perceive the talks as a calculated move by the NCP to gather information and gain insights into the BJP’s strategy. Others speculate that the NCP might have explored potential power-sharing arrangements or sought to influence policy decisions through backchannel discussions.


Sharad Pawar’s admission of the NCP’s meetings with the BJP in 2019 has added a new dimension to the political landscape. While the specifics of these discussions remain unknown, the acknowledgment has triggered debates and speculation regarding the motives and implications of such engagements. As the political scenario continues to evolve, further clarity may emerge on the true nature and significance of these talks between the NCP and the BJP.


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