Abhishek Banerjee Resumes Mass Outreach Campaign Amid CBI Summons: Trinamool Congress Stays Unfazed


Abhishek Banerjee, senior leader of the Trinamool Congress (TMC), has resumed his mass outreach campaign in West Bengal’s Bankura district after a two-day suspension due to his summons by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). Banerjee, who was questioned by the CBI in connection with a teacher recruitment scam, announced his decision to resume the campaign titled “Trinamool-e Nabojowar” (new wave in Trinamool) upon his return to Kolkata on Friday.

On Monday, Banerjee led a massive roadshow in Kotulpur as part of his ongoing #JonoSanjogYatra, a grassroots empowerment journey aimed at connecting with the common people. The TMC tweeted about the event, emphasizing the overwhelming support and love Banerjee received from the crowd. The party also made it clear that they would not be deterred by the scare tactics of their opponents, believed to be the BJP and the CBI.

In a show of strength, Banerjee conducted two marches and interacted with the people in the Indus and Kotulpur areas of Bankura district. Party supporters lined the streets, cheering and waving at him, while he reciprocated with gestures of appreciation. Notably, Banerjee refrained from delivering speeches at rallies, opting instead to engage directly with the common people.

According to party sources, Banerjee is expected to address a convention in the district late Monday night, further bolstering his mass connect program. This initiative, initiated ahead of the panchayat elections, aims to gather feedback from the public regarding their preferred candidates for party nominations.

Despite facing more than nine hours of questioning by the CBI, Abhishek Banerjee remains undeterred, dismissing the investigation as a waste of time for both parties involved. The TMC continues to stand strong, expressing confidence in the support they receive from the people and vowing to return even stronger.

As the mass outreach campaign progresses, Banerjee’s interactions with the public provide a platform for dialogue and feedback, allowing the TMC to gauge popular sentiment and shape their strategies for the upcoming elections. The party’s resilience in the face of challenges demonstrates their determination to maintain their strong political presence in West Bengal.


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