‘Adhere To International Law, Rules-Based Order’: India Amid China-Philippines Row

India amid China-Philippines row

Amidst the escalating tensions between China and the Philippines, India has emerged as a steadfast advocate for the adherence to international law and the rules-based order. In a notable display of diplomatic prudence, India has underscored the paramount importance of resolving conflicts through established international frameworks.

As the China-Philippines row over territorial claims simmers, India’s proactive stance on promoting a rules-based approach is garnering attention. Indian officials have emphasized that upholding international law is crucial for fostering stability and ensuring peaceful coexistence among nations. This approach aligns with India’s broader foreign policy strategy of engaging constructively on the global stage.

India’s call for adherence to international law is rooted in the belief that a rules-based order offers a level playing field for all nations, regardless of their size or geopolitical influence. Such a framework provides a mechanism for resolving disputes, preventing conflicts, and facilitating cooperation in various areas, including trade, security, and environmental protection.

While India maintains a neutral position on the specific China-Philippines dispute, its advocacy for a rules-based order reflects a broader commitment to preserving the sanctity of international agreements and norms. This approach has garnered support from like-minded nations that share similar concerns about the erosion of established international norms.

In recent diplomatic engagements, Indian representatives have consistently reiterated the need for peaceful dialogue and negotiations to address territorial disputes. By championing a diplomatic approach and promoting the peaceful resolution of conflicts, India aims to set a positive example for the international community, highlighting the efficacy of international law as a guiding principle in maintaining global peace and stability.


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