Afghan With ‘Fake’ Indian Passport On Way To Dubai Held

Afghan with fake Indian passport

Mumbai: In a recent incident at Sahar Airport, authorities detained an Afghan citizen who was allegedly attempting to board a flight bound for Dubai. The individual, whose identity remains undisclosed at this time, was taken into custody for further investigation.

According to reports, airport security personnel became suspicious when they detected irregularities in the travel documents presented by the Afghan national during the pre-flight screening process. Subsequent scrutiny revealed that the individual was in possession of a passport that was believed to be counterfeit or falsified.

The airport authorities promptly intervened and apprehended the person before they could board the flight to Dubai. The suspect was subsequently handed over to law enforcement agencies for questioning and to ascertain the motives behind their attempted travel.

The incident highlights the importance of stringent security measures implemented by airports worldwide to detect fraudulent travel documents and prevent individuals from using them for illegal purposes. Sahar Airport’s security protocols proved effective in this case, leading to the timely detection and apprehension of the suspect.

Further investigations are underway to determine the origin and authenticity of the fake passport, as well as any potential links the individual may have had to illegal activities or networks involved in facilitating illicit travel.

It serves as a reminder that the possession or use of forged passports or any attempt to travel using fraudulent documents is a serious offense with legal consequences. Such acts not only undermine national security but also endanger the safety and well-being of individuals involved in legitimate travel.

Authorities continue to prioritize the detection and prevention of such fraudulent activities, aiming to maintain the integrity of international travel and safeguard the security of passengers. The incident serves as a testament to the vigilance and effectiveness of airport security measures in thwarting potential threats and ensuring a safe travel experience for all passengers.


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