Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Laud Ranbir’s “Animal” Trailer


The much-awaited trailer for the upcoming film “Animal” has garnered praise from Bollywood’s leading ladies, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor. The duo couldn’t contain their admiration for the trailer, expressing their excitement for the film and lauding Ranbir Kapoor’s riveting performance.

Alia Bhatt, who is not only an acclaimed actress but also Ranbir Kapoor’s real-life partner, took to social media to share her thoughts on the “Animal” trailer. In a brief but impactful message, she commended the intense and captivating narrative portrayed in the trailer. Alia emphasized her eagerness to witness Ranbir’s compelling portrayal on the big screen, hinting at the anticipation among the cast and crew.

Kareena Kapoor, another powerhouse in the Bollywood industry, also joined the chorus of praise for the “Animal” trailer. Known for her straightforward and candid opinions, Kareena took to her social media handles to express her excitement about the film. She acknowledged the intriguing storyline showcased in the trailer and commended the entire team for their efforts in creating a film that has generated significant buzz within the industry.

The praise from both Alia and Kareena has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among fans, who eagerly await the film’s release. The “Animal” trailer has successfully generated curiosity, with its intense narrative and glimpses of the stellar performances by the cast, including Ranbir Kapoor in a never-seen-before avatar.

About The Film ‘Animal’

The film, directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, has been shrouded in secrecy, with only bits and pieces of information revealed through promotional material. The star-studded cast, which includes Ranbir Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, and Parineeti Chopra, has added to the intrigue surrounding “Animal.”

The social media platforms are abuzz with discussions about the film, with fans and industry insiders sharing their excitement and predictions about the plot. The combination of a gripping trailer and the stellar cast has undoubtedly positioned “Animal” as one of the most anticipated films in the upcoming Bollywood lineup.

The praise from Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor serves as a testament to the camaraderie and support within the industry. It showcases how actors appreciate and acknowledge each other’s work, contributing to a positive and collaborative atmosphere.

As the countdown to the film’s release begins, the “Animal” trailer continues to make waves, not just for its star-studded cast but also for the promise of a narrative that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. The anticipation surrounding the film is a testament to the magnetic appeal of Ranbir Kapoor and the collective talent of the cast and crew involved in bringing “Animal” to the silver screen.

Further, the praise from Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor for the “Animal” trailer has added to the excitement surrounding the film. As fans eagerly await its release, the trailer’s impact on social media and the industry reflects the anticipation and buzz generated by this upcoming Bollywood thriller.

The “Animal” trailer, which has been the talk of the town since its release, not only received accolades from Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor but also garnered attention for its enigmatic storyline and the promise of powerhouse performances.

Ranbir Kapoor, in a departure from his usual roles, appears to be at the center of a complex and layered narrative. The trailer hints at a psychological thriller, with glimpses of intense dialogues and gripping sequences that have left audiences intrigued.

The film’s director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, known for his previous directorial ventures like “Kabir Singh,” has created an air of mystery around “Animal.” The tight-lipped approach to divulging details about the plot has only fueled the anticipation, making fans eager to unravel the complexities that the film promises to deliver.

Anil Kapoor, who plays a pivotal role in the film, brings his seasoned acting prowess to the table. Known for his ability to seamlessly blend into diverse characters, Anil Kapoor’s involvement in “Animal” adds another layer of excitement to the project. The trailer teases his character, leaving audiences speculating about the role he plays in the overarching narrative.

Bobby Deol and Parineeti Chopra, integral members of the ensemble cast, also make impactful appearances in the trailer. Their characters seem to contribute to the overall intensity and suspense that “Animal” aims to deliver. The chemistry among the cast members, evident even in the short glimpses provided, hints at a cinematic experience that transcends the conventional.


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