Apple 2024 Strategy: Wearables Take Center Stage Amid Minimal iPhone Upgrades


In a strategic pivot for 2024, Apple directs its focus towards wearables, giving precedence to updates for AirPods and Apple Watch, while the iPhone experiences marginal enhancements. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman hints at forthcoming AirPods models, health features, and a potential redesign for AirPods Pro in 2025.

Wearables Dominate Apple’s Agenda

2024 marks a pivotal year for Apple as wearables, notably AirPods and Apple Watch, overshadow major developments in the iPhone. Gurman’s insights predict the spotlight being on new AirPods models, significant health features, and a potential revamp of AirPods Pro in the pipeline for 2025.

Bloomberg’s Insight on Apple’s Focus

In the recent newsletter by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, it is revealed that Apple Vision Pro won’t be the sole focus in the upcoming year. The spotlight will shift to long-overdue upgrades for AirPods and Apple Watch, stealing the limelight in the tech giant’s product lineup.

Projections for AirPods and Apple Watch

Analysts on Wall Street don’t anticipate a robust comeback for Apple products this fiscal year. However, Gurman anticipates notable upgrades. Lower-end AirPods and compelling health features for Apple Watch are expected to redefine user experience and provide new technologies for promotion.


The fourth-generation AirPods resemble the AirPods Pro but offer features akin to the third-generation AirPods. Gurman suggests the possibility of two new non-Pro AirPods models with updated designs, redesigned cases, USB Type-C charging, and active noise cancellation for the higher-end model.

While AirPods Max faced lukewarm sales, Apple might revamp them by introducing USB Type-C charging, abandoning the Lightning port, and exploring new color options. Gurman anticipates their release alongside the new AirPods.

Software Innovations: Hearing Aid Functionality

On the software front, Apple is gearing up for the release of hearing aid functionality, potentially linked to the Vision Pro. Gurman’s insights, reported in July, suggest Apple’s ambition to disrupt the multibillion-dollar hearing aid industry.

Future of AirPods Pro and Apple Watch

Minor tweaks graced the AirPods Pro this year, but Gurman envisions a comprehensive redesign in 2025 with features like body-temperature tracking. The Apple Watch may also see a facelift, with new health features such as body temperature tracking and condition alerts.

iPhone 2024: Incremental Changes Expected

Contrary to significant changes, the iPhones for 2024 follow the design of the iPhone 15, with Pro models sporting larger screens and a new ‘Capture’ button for video recording. Base models are slated to get the Action button, maintaining a trajectory of evolutionary rather than revolutionary updates.


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