ASI Says Survey Won’t Damage Gyanvapi Mosque; Allahabad High Court Order Likely On Thursday


In a recent development, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has submitted its report affirming that there is no damage to the historic Gyanvapi Mosque in Varanasi. The survey, conducted with utmost scrutiny, aimed to shed light on the disputed structure’s status and potential impacts on its integrity.

The Gyanvapi Mosque, an architectural marvel that holds immense historical and religious significance, has been a subject of contention for years. With the ASI’s thorough investigation and conclusive findings, it is expected that the verdict by the Allahabad High Court, which is overseeing the case, will be delivered this Thursday.

The ASI’s examination involved meticulous study and examination of the mosque’s structure and surroundings. Their expert team thoroughly assessed the site to ascertain whether any harm or damage had been inflicted upon the sacred edifice. The report’s conclusion, which certifies the mosque’s sound condition, has brought a sense of relief among the concerned communities.

The long-standing dispute has sparked impassioned debates and legal battles, with both sides presenting their perspectives on the mosque’s historical and cultural significance. However, the ASI’s impartial and professional approach has brought clarity to the matter and offered an objective evaluation of the mosque’s status.

As the date for the Allahabad High Court’s ruling approaches, all eyes are on the judgment that will potentially determine the future of the Gyanvapi Mosque. The court’s decision will not only address the immediate matter at hand but also carry broader implications for religious and cultural heritage preservation in the country.

While awaiting the court’s verdict, authorities and religious communities have appealed for peace and harmony, urging everyone to maintain the spirit of brotherhood and understanding. The shared heritage of India is a testament to its diverse cultural tapestry, and preserving it for future generations is a responsibility shared by all.

As the nation awaits the court’s pronouncement on Thursday, hopes are high for a just resolution that respects the sentiments of all concerned parties while upholding the principles of religious coexistence and historical preservation. The ASI’s report serves as a crucial foundation in this pursuit, guiding the course of justice and affirming the significance of safeguarding India’s rich cultural heritage for posterity.


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