Babil Khan: Carrying Forward the Legacy of Irrfan Khan


Babil Khan, the 23-year-old son of the late legendary actor Irrfan Khan, is eagerly stepping into the world of cinema, fueled by a passion to continue his father’s remarkable legacy. With his debut film, “Qala,” on the horizon, Babil is excited about the opportunity to make his mark in the industry and create his own path.

The upcoming Hindi-language film, directed by Anvita Dutt and produced by Karnesh Sharma’s Clean Slate Filmz, is set in the 1930s and 1940s. Babil plays a singer who competes with the titular character, portrayed by Tripti Dimri. The film delves into the harsh realities of patriarchy and self-indulgent men, using a fantastical fairy-tale aesthetic to convey a profound message.

Babil acknowledges the initial nerves that accompanied signing his first film. The pressure of living up to his father’s name lingered, but he is determined to carve his own niche. Rejecting the term ‘debut,’ Babil embraces the opportunity to support a female lead and contribute to a compelling narrative that captivates audiences. His decision to take on a supporting role reflects his desire to uplift others and honor the unwavering support his mother has provided throughout his life.

The roots of Babil’s artistic journey can be traced back to his early exposure to Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, which sparked his love for the arts. Despite stumbling over lines during a school play at the age of 12, Babil’s improvisation in Hindi not only salvaged the situation but also earned him admiration from the audience. This incident, though disappointing in his father’s absence, taught him the importance of embracing mistakes and forging his own path.

Babil’s relationship with his father was a complex one, characterized by constant learning and growth. He fondly recalls their household filled with appreciation for diverse art forms, fostering his intense brooding nature. However, Babil emphasizes that he aims to forge his own unique filmography, exploring various roles both in front of and behind the camera. He cherishes his love for movies and embraces the medium in all its forms, be it art-house or commercial cinema.

One recurring theme that resonates deeply with Babil is celebrating individuals for their authentic selves. He appreciates the freedom his parents granted him to pursue his own interests and aspirations, fostering his individuality. Babil recognizes the importance of respecting differences and allowing others to be true to themselves.

As Babil Khan embarks on his cinematic journey, he carries forward the essence of his father’s legacy while embracing his own artistic vision. With a determination to make his mark and an unwavering passion for the medium, Babil is poised to create a unique identity in the world of cinema, honoring his father’s influence while paving the way for his own extraordinary career.


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