‘Belly fat burner’ products being sold in Sachin Tendulkar’s name


Mumbai has recently witnessed the emergence of two fraudulent websites that falsely claim to sell ‘belly fat burner’ products, utilizing the name and image of legendary Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. A first information report (FIR) was promptly filed against an unidentified individual on Thursday at the west region cyber police station, following the discovery by Tendulkar’s personal assistant.

The deceptive websites featured Sachin Tendulkar’s photograph and propagated the sale of herbal products that purportedly addressed a range of issues including body, skin, hair, pain, and overall health problems. It is crucial to note that these websites were entirely fraudulent and did not possess any genuine association with the cricketing icon.

The discovery of these deceitful websites has raised concerns over the rampant misuse of celebrities’ names and identities for promoting unverified or dubious products. Such practices not only exploit the trust and reputation of esteemed personalities but also deceive unsuspecting consumers seeking legitimate solutions to their health and wellness needs.

Upon learning about the unauthorized use of his name and likeness, Sachin Tendulkar’s team acted swiftly, lodging a complaint with the cyber police. This proactive response highlights the commitment to safeguarding the public from fraudulent activities and protecting the integrity of Sachin Tendulkar’s brand.

It is essential for individuals to exercise caution and skepticism while engaging with online platforms, particularly when purchasing products or services that claim extraordinary benefits. Verifying the authenticity of websites, cross-referencing endorsements with official sources, and exercising due diligence can help consumers avoid falling victim to such scams.

The incident serves as a reminder for authorities, online platforms, and consumers alike to remain vigilant and collaborate in the ongoing fight against cybercrime and fraudulent practices. Efforts should be directed toward ensuring the security and credibility of online transactions while holding perpetrators accountable for their illicit actions.

The discovery of fake websites capitalizing on Sachin Tendulkar’s name to promote ‘belly fat burner’ products underscores the need for increased awareness and stringent measures to combat online scams. It is crucial for individuals to remain cautious and verify the authenticity of claims and endorsements before making any purchases, thereby safeguarding both their own well-being and the reputation of renowned personalities.


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