BEST to start 8 AC e-buses, relief for Thane, Navi Mum commuters


Mumbai’s public transport provider, the BEST (Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport) undertaking, has unveiled plans to launch eight new premium AC electric bus routes, offering a convenient commuting alternative for office-goers residing in Navi Mumbai and Thane. The announcement was made by the general manager of BEST, Lokesh Chandra, on Monday.

Starting from Wednesday morning, these new bus routes aim to alleviate the travel woes of thousands of commuters who regularly make their way from the suburbs to the bustling commercial hubs of Mumbai. With the introduction of these AC e-buses, passengers can expect a comfortable and eco-friendly commuting experience.

One of the primary advantages of these electric buses is their environmental friendliness. By eliminating tailpipe emissions, these buses will contribute to reducing air and noise pollution, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment for both passengers and residents alike. This move aligns with the broader global initiative to combat climate change and promote sustainable transportation solutions.

Moreover, the new electric buses are expected to yield significant cost savings for both the transportation authority and commuters. With their energy-efficient operations and lower maintenance requirements, electric buses offer reduced operating costs compared to their diesel counterparts. These savings may translate into more affordable fares for passengers or potentially fund improved services and infrastructure enhancements in the future.

The introduction of premium AC electric buses also promises an enhanced commuting experience. Equipped with air conditioning, these buses will provide respite during hot and humid weather conditions, ensuring a comfortable journey for passengers. Furthermore, their quieter operation will help reduce noise pollution, fostering a more pleasant environment for both travelers and pedestrians.

This initiative by the BEST not only benefits commuters but also encourages the wider adoption of electric mobility. By showcasing the viability and benefits of electric buses, the transportation authority sets an example for individuals to consider electric vehicles for their personal transportation needs. This step contributes to a greener and more sustainable future for Mumbai.

With the commencement of these eight new premium AC electric bus routes, the BEST aims to offer commuters from Navi Mumbai and Thane a reliable and convenient transportation option to reach their workplaces in Mumbai’s commercial hubs. This expansion reflects the commitment of the BEST undertaking to enhance public transportation services and promote environmentally friendly solutions, ultimately benefiting both the commuters and the city as a whole.


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