Bill Ackman Urges Harvard to Sever Ties with President Claudine Gay Amidst Plagiarism Scandal


Jewish billionaire Bill Ackman is calling for swift action from Harvard University, demanding the termination of its president, Claudine Gay, amidst allegations of plagiarism and antisemitism. Ackman, a Harvard graduate, asserts that the reputation of the esteemed institution has been tarnished by these scandals.

Plagiarism and Antisemitism Allegations

Harvard President Claudine Gay faces mounting pressure to resign as accusations of plagiarism in her academic publications come to light. An internal investigation by Harvard identified over 40 instances of plagiarism in Gay’s work, spanning from her 1997 doctoral dissertation to four other papers between 1993 and 2017.

In addition to the plagiarism allegations, Gay is under scrutiny for her handling of the antisemitism crisis on campus following the October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel. Harvard’s perceived lack of response to antisemitic incidents and protests has led to investigations by the House Committee on Education and the Workforce and the Department of Education under Title VI.

Bill Ackman’s Strong Stance

Bill Ackman, who has been an outspoken critic of Gay and her leadership, insists that even if Gay resigns, the damage to Harvard’s reputation will persist unless the Harvard Corporation acknowledges the error in appointing her. In a recent post, Ackman emphasized the urgency for the Corporation to act decisively, stating that they are “digging a deeper hole for themselves” by delaying Gay’s removal and avoiding addressing the accusations of racism.

He further asserted, “When your CEO has done the indefensible, you must take immediate action to replace her. If you don’t, you become culpable in what was initially only her failures. They need to act now.”

Bill Ackman

Allegations Against Harvard

The accusations against Gay extend beyond plagiarism, encompassing her response to the antisemitism crisis on campus. Harvard’s perceived inaction has triggered investigations into possible violations of Title VI, a federal law prohibiting discrimination based on race, religion, or national origin in federally funded institutions.

Ackman, who is of Jewish descent, has been actively involved in combatting antisemitism, demanding transparency from Harvard and advocating for disciplinary actions against individuals involved in antisemitic incidents.

Ackman’s Advocacy

Bill Ackman has been consistent in his opposition to Gay and her leadership. In a previous instance, he called for the termination of Gay, along with other university leaders, after their testimony before Congress on antisemitism issues. Notably, Ackman’s stance has influenced changes, with former University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill and UPenn Board of Trustees Chair Scott Bok resigning after facing backlash.

Despite Ackman’s call for Gay’s termination, he suggests that Harvard’s reluctance to take action stems from a fear of appearing submissive to his demands.

Bill Ackman’s call for Harvard to sever ties with President Claudine Gay reflects his strong stance against the alleged plagiarism and mishandling of the antisemitism crisis, emphasizing the need for immediate action to restore the university’s reputation.


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