Boney Kapoor On Sridevi Being Pregnant With Janhvi Kapoor Before Their Marriage

Bony Kapoor

In a candid interview, renowned Indian film producer Boney Kapoor recently shed light on a pivotal chapter in his life, discussing the time when his late wife, the legendary actress Sridevi, was pregnant with their first child, Janhvi Kapoor, before they tied the knot.

Boney Kapoor began by acknowledging that the situation was indeed unconventional for its time but emphasized that love knows no bounds. He admitted that while he and Sridevi were deeply in love, their relationship faced societal challenges. Sridevi’s pregnancy with Janhvi was an unexpected turn of events that compelled them to face the harsh judgments of society head-on.

Boney Kapoor expressed his profound admiration for Sridevi’s strength during those testing times. He recalled how she remained graceful and resolute in the face of adversity. The couple decided to take responsibility for their actions and, in 1996, they formalized their relationship in a quiet wedding ceremony.

The producer emphasized that their love was the driving force behind their decision to start a family before marriage. He stressed that they had immense respect for each other and a deep commitment to their relationship, which ultimately triumphed over societal norms.

Furthermore, Boney Kapoor discussed how the birth of Janhvi marked a new beginning for their family. He shared fond memories of Sridevi as a doting mother, whose dedication and love knew no bounds. Their bond as a family grew stronger with time, and Janhvi’s arrival was a source of immense joy for both of them.

In conclusion, Boney Kapoor’s openness about Sridevi’s pregnancy with Janhvi Kapoor before their marriage sheds light on the power of love in overcoming societal barriers. Their enduring love story serves as a testament to the strength of their relationship and the importance of prioritizing love and commitment above all else.


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