Day After Violence Hit Bengal, Repolling Ordered In 700 Booths

Violence hit in Manipur

Kolkata: In the aftermath of violent incidents that marred the Panchayat polls held on Saturday, the State Election Commission has taken decisive action by ordering repolling in 697 booths out of the 61,636 booths across the state. This step aims to ensure fair and unbiased elections and to restore confidence in the electoral process.

The decision to conduct repolling in these booths comes as a response to the widespread reports of violence, booth capturing, and other irregularities that were reported from various parts of the state. The State Election Commission, after thoroughly examining the situation, deemed it necessary to nullify the results in these affected booths and allow voters another opportunity to exercise their democratic right.

The violence during the Panchayat polls resulted in disruption and chaos in several areas, creating an environment that was far from conducive to free and fair elections. Incidents of clashes between political factions, vandalism, and intimidation of voters were reported in numerous locations, raising concerns about the credibility of the electoral process.

By ordering repolling, the State Election Commission aims to rectify the shortcomings and ensure that every eligible voter can cast their vote without fear or coercion. It is a step towards upholding the principles of democracy and ensuring that the will of the people is accurately reflected in the final results.

The decision to order repolling in 697 booths signifies the seriousness with which the State Election Commission views the incidents of violence and malpractice. It sends a strong message that such acts will not be tolerated, and the electoral process will be protected from any attempts to undermine it.

Efforts are underway to ensure enhanced security measures and strict vigilance during the repolling process. The State Election Commission, in coordination with the local authorities and law enforcement agencies, will be taking necessary steps to maintain law and order, safeguard the polling booths, and create a peaceful atmosphere for voters.

The repolling is expected to provide an opportunity for the affected voters to exercise their franchise without any external pressures or threats. It will also serve as a chance for the State Election Commission to regain public trust and demonstrate its commitment to conducting transparent and fair elections.

As the repolling takes place in the affected booths, all stakeholders, including political parties, candidates, and voters, must cooperate with the authorities to ensure a smooth and incident-free electoral process. It is crucial for everyone to respect the democratic values and uphold the integrity of the election.

The State Election Commission’s decision to order repolling in 697 booths reflects a commitment to rectify the flaws and uphold the democratic ideals that form the foundation of our electoral system. It is an important step towards restoring faith in the electoral process and ensuring that the voices of the people are accurately represented.


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