Discover the Future at Dubai’s Museum of the Future


When we hear museums, we think of ancient relics and stunning paintings hidden away in glass cases. What if we tell you there’s a museum where you can experience futuristic technologies, sustainability innovations, and the potential future of humanity? You don’t have to travel all through the time—just travel to Dubai!

The Museum of the Future is quickly becoming a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike. This architectural marvel not only boasts a unique design but also offers an immersive journey into the possibilities of tomorrow. With its interactive displays and cutting-edge exhibits, the museum invites you to explore the future of artificial intelligence, climate change solutions, and more.

Famous Places in the Museum of the Future

Here are some of the must-see exhibits within the Museum of the Future:

Level 5 – OSS Hope

Begin your journey on OSS Hope, an Orbital Space Station experience set in 2071. This exhibit features a realistic space shuttle launch, complete with sound effects and special visuals. You’ll explore the station’s command center, monitor projects, and study innovations, all while enjoying a stunning view of Planet Earth.

Level 4 – The Heal Institute

This level focuses on our planet, showcasing two main exhibits: The Vault of Life and Digital Amazon. The Vault of Life is a DNA library with thousands of species, allowing you to explore and understand biodiversity. Digital Amazon uses mixed reality to recreate the Amazon Rainforest, offering a safe and immersive way to experience its vast biodiversity.

Level 3 – Al Waha

Al Waha is a meditative and multisensory space designed for relaxation and reflection. This futuristic spa offers various experiences, from group activities to individual moments of zen, making you feel like you’re walking on a beach or exploring a serene landscape.

Level 2 – Tomorrow Today

Aptly named, this level showcases global technological innovations that could reshape our world. You’ll get a glimpse into the future with exhibits that highlight advancements in AI, sustainability, and more, possibly seeing technologies that will soon become part of our daily lives.

Level 1 – Future Heroes

Dedicated to children aged ten and below, this area encourages free play and collaboration. The Future Heroes zone features urgent missions for kids to accomplish, making learning both fun and engaging.

Terra Firma

After exploring the museum, head to Terra Firma for refreshments. Here, a robot barista will serve you your favorite drink, adding a futuristic twist to your visit.

Ticket Prices and Offers

Planning a visit to this extraordinary museum? The regular future museum ticket price is AED 149 per person. However, you can save on your visit by purchasing your tickets through Betterview Tourism, where the price is reduced to AED 145 per person. This small discount provides an excellent opportunity to experience the future at a lower cost.

Additionally, Betterview Tourism offers several benefits when booking with them:

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These advantages make it convenient and cost-effective to plan your visit to the Museum of the Future.


The Museum of the Future in Dubai is a groundbreaking destination that offers a unique glimpse into the possibilities of tomorrow. With its immersive exhibits and interactive displays, it provides an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. From the Orbital Space Station on Level 5 to the child-friendly Future Heroes zone on Level 1, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re planning a trip, consider purchasing your museum of the future dubai tickets through Betterview Tourism to take advantage of their competitive pricing and excellent customer service. The museum’s unique architecture, cutting-edge exhibits, and engaging activities make it a must-visit attraction in Dubai.

For more information about traveling to the Museum of the Future, visit Betterview Tourism official website.

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