EMORI presents trending lab grown diamond engagement rings



You must have noticed that, due to their massive cost advantage, people nowadays prefer lab grown diamonds. Many brands like Emori, Fiona, Jewel Box have emerged as exclusive retailers in the lab grown diamond space. Keeping this in mind, today we will unfold the recent styles of lab grown diamond engagement rings. We will give you details about these diamonds, their affordability, etc. So, let us begin!

What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are man made diamonds created in a laboratory using advanced technological processes and suitable conditions for production. With the same physical, chemical, and optical properties, these diamonds are perfect for all your jewellery needs, including your engagement rings. You can get your partner a lab grown engagement ring without any ethical or environmental concern. Once you choose these lab diamonds, you step towards minimizing environmental impact and reducing the risk of unethical labor practices. And the best part about lab diamonds is their affordable pricing. Yes, lab grown diamond engagement rings are around 60–70% cheaper than natural diamond rings.

Recent trends in engagement rings:

As per Emori, below are some of the recent trends that you can consider while choosing the style of your ring:

  1. Halo ring:

The halo setting is becoming more and more popular.

  • A ring of lesser diamonds surrounds the centre diamond in this design, boosting its brilliance and producing an eye-catching visual impression.
  • This setting gives the engagement ring a hint of glitz and old world charm, making it a classic option.
  • Because of the halo setting’s versatility, people can personalize the item by selecting the size and form of the centre stone, making it one-of-a-kind and significant.
  • This setting allows budget conscious consumers to have a bigger looking ring without increasing the cost significantly.
  1. Geometric asymmetric ring:

Geometric and asymmetric patterns have grown in popularity as a more unorthodox way to convey your love.

  • Geometric and asymmetric patterns are a cutting-edge and unorthodox trend in lab-grown diamond engagement rings.
  • These patterns deviate from conventional symmetrical layouts by utilizing strong lines, strange angles, and creative combinations.
  • Engagement rings that are geometric or asymmetrical offer a modern and creative take on the traditional symbol of commitment.
  • Couples can highlight the special aspects of their relationship and make a big statement with these designs, thanks to their individual traits.
  1. Floral design:

Using elaborate floral-inspired settings to symbolize a couple’s blossoming love is a prominent trend in lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

  • The intricately carved flowers and leaves that give the designs their whimsical, realistic aspect are a common characteristic.
  • Beyond only being aesthetically pleasing, the floral themes represent a couple’s budding love.
  • These designs’ romantic feel is enhanced by their connection to the vibrant hues and new beginnings of spring.

These popular styles are quite versatile and allow for a great deal of customizing. Couples can experiment with different geometric or asymmetric designs, select particular floral pieces, and alter the size and form of the centre stone in halo settings. Customizing engagement rings gives them a deeper level of significance and meaning, elevating them from lovely decorations to poignant symbols of the couple’s relationship and journey.


So, these were some of the recent trends in lab grown diamond engagement ring styles. If you wish to keep up with the recent trends, choose amongst the above and give your partner a ring that will be special, personalised, and at the same time aligned to the trends of today.


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