Eye On China, PSUs To Put 12 Hydel Projects In Arunachal Pradesh On Fast Track

Eye on China

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing regional energy security and bolstering infrastructural development, Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) are set to expedite progress on 12 key hydel projects situated in the pristine landscapes of Arunachal Pradesh. This proactive approach gains significance against the backdrop of heightened attention on China’s regional activities.

As part of a concerted effort to tap into the state’s vast hydropower potential, these projects are poised to receive an accelerated push, reflecting the government’s commitment to harnessing sustainable energy sources. Arunachal Pradesh, blessed with abundant water resources, offers a promising arena for these ventures, holding the potential to significantly contribute to the country’s growing energy demands.

The decision to prioritize these hydropower initiatives falls within the broader framework of monitoring China’s actions in the region. By fortifying energy infrastructure, India aims to strengthen its position while ensuring the security and prosperity of its northeastern frontiers. The move aligns with the nation’s vision of self-reliance and resilience, bolstering both energy production and national security.

While focusing on sustainable growth, these hydel projects also signal the resolve to counterbalance any potential influence from neighboring geopolitical forces. The accelerated pace of development underscores India’s proactive stance and commitment to advancing its interests, both economically and strategically, in the region.

With this renewed impetus, Arunachal Pradesh is set to witness a surge in energy generation, opening avenues for employment, skill development, and local economic empowerment. The expeditious execution of these projects underscores the nation’s unwavering dedication to progress and underscores the proactive measures taken to secure its regional interests in an evolving geopolitical landscape.


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