‘Filled with humility and gratitude’: PM Modi on govt completing 9 years


In a moment of introspection and gratitude, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the achievements of the BJP government as it completed nine years in office. Speaking on Tuesday, he underscored that every decision taken during this period was driven by the intent to enhance the lives of the people and promote overall development.

With a sense of humility and appreciation, Prime Minister Modi acknowledged the transformative journey embarked upon by the BJP government. Throughout its tenure, the administration has strived to address the needs and aspirations of the Indian population, placing their well-being at the forefront of its policies.

During the commemoration of the nine-year milestone, the Prime Minister emphasized the importance of the government’s decisions in fostering progress across various sectors. From infrastructure development to social welfare schemes, each step has been guided by the aim of upliftment and empowerment. The government’s efforts have aimed to improve access to basic amenities, enhance connectivity, boost economic growth, and provide opportunities for all citizens.

Prime Minister Modi further expressed his gratitude to the people of India for their trust and support, acknowledging that their faith has been instrumental in propelling the government’s endeavors. He credited the collective efforts of the citizens, which have contributed to the nation’s progress and inspired the government to work tirelessly towards a better future.

Highlighting the significance of collaboration and inclusive governance, the Prime Minister reiterated his commitment to serving every Indian. He acknowledged the diversity of the country and emphasized the importance of ensuring equal opportunities for all sections of society. By fostering an environment of participatory development, the government aims to create a strong and prosperous India, where no citizen is left behind.

As the government looks back on its nine-year tenure, it also recognizes the challenges that lie ahead. Prime Minister Modi affirmed his resolve to continue working towards building a self-reliant nation, guided by the principles of good governance and inclusivity. He emphasized the need for sustained efforts and urged the citizens to join hands in the collective pursuit of progress.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi’s reflections on the BJP government’s nine-year development journey were marked by humility and gratitude. The government’s decisions have aimed at improving the lives of the people, and its commitment to inclusive governance remains unwavering. As the nation moves forward, it is poised to face new challenges with determination and steadfastness, guided by the vision of a stronger and more prosperous India for all.


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