Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi Sent to Four Days’ Custody in Illegal Arms Supply Case


In a significant development, gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has been remanded to four days’ custody of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell in connection with an illegal arms supply case. The court issued the order based on an application filed by the Delhi Police, seeking custodial interrogation of Bishnoi. This case revolves around the recovery of 25 pistols from an alleged arms trafficker named Mukund Singh, who is believed to have supplied weapons and ammunition to the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi-Kala Jathedi gang. The police claim that Bishnoi’s interrogation is crucial to identifying his gang members, tracking the intended recipients of the recovered arms, and unraveling the gang’s conspiracy to eliminate rivals and others.

According to the Delhi Police, Lawrence Bishnoi’s association with Mukund Singh and his alleged involvement in the illegal arms trade have raised serious concerns about public safety. The recovery of 25 pistols from Singh has provided valuable evidence connecting him to the Lawrence Bishnoi-Kala Jathedi gang. To delve deeper into the case and gather more information, the police have sought custodial interrogation of Bishnoi.

The Delhi Police has stressed the need for sustained interrogation of Lawrence Bishnoi to unveil the extent of his involvement in the arms trade and identify his accomplices within the gang. They believe that Bishnoi possesses critical information about the intended recipients of the recovered weapons and ammunition. By confronting Bishnoi with Mukund Singh, who is already in custody, the police aim to establish vital links between the two and ascertain the intricate workings of the gang’s operations.

The Lawrence Bishnoi-Kala Jathedi gang has been notorious for its involvement in organized crime, including targeted killings and eliminating rival gang members. The police suspect that the recovered arms were intended for use in executing these criminal activities. By interrogating Bishnoi, the police hope to gather crucial evidence that will help dismantle the gang’s network, prevent further violence, and ensure public safety.

The court’s decision to grant four days’ custody of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi to the Delhi Police’s Special Cell marks a significant development in the illegal arms supply case. This move reflects the authorities’ determination to tackle organized crime and dismantle criminal networks. With the upcoming custodial interrogation of Bishnoi, the police aim to uncover crucial information about his gang members, trace the intended recipients of the recovered arms, and unravel the gang’s conspiracy to eliminate rivals and others. This development brings hope for justice and serves as a reminder of the law enforcement agencies’ relentless efforts to maintain law and order in society.


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